All Kronos Island Guardians in Sonic Frontiers

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Sonic Frontiers brings back our favorite blue blur, who races through Sonic Team’s latest high-speed, open-world adventure. In Frontiers, you’ll guide Sonic through different areas of the Starfall Islands, collecting Chaos Emeralds and jumping from platforms and trains as he tries to save his friends. But Sonic-sized mechanical animals aren’t the only thing in your way. The Starfall Islands are home to Guardians, which are huge, roaming titans that Sonic must defeat to save the day. Learn more about the Guardians on Kronos Island in Sonic Frontiers by reading on.

All Kronos Island Guardians in Sonic Frontiers

All Kronos Island Guardians in Sonic Frontiers

Kronos Island is the first open zone area you’ll come across in Sonic Frontiers. It has old ruins, huge valleys, and lots of forests, as well as platforms and trains that float above the land and are placed randomly. Four huge robots made of digital energy roam around Kronos Island, and you’ll need to beat them to get Portal Gears and get into the Cyber Space stages.

Here are the four guardians of Kronos Island:

Name Details
Squid The Squid can make roads that float in the air and fire lines of dangerous energy balls at Sonic. Be careful of its arms, which will hit Sonic hard and throw him around.
Asura Asura is very big, and when it slams its huge hands into the ground, it makes a wide area shake. It also makes colored force fields that have different effects, such as making you move faster or pushing away anything that touches them.
Ninja The Ninja is tall and looks a bit like a human. It can move quickly and cut up anything that gets in its way. Before it decides to block, you’ll have to attack quickly, and you should be careful of its quick counter-attacks. Sonic can block or get out of the way of the Ninja’s attacks.
Tower The Tower gets its name from how big it is, and its big, spinning metal ring and deadly spikes that come out of its head can hurt Sonic. It can also move around the battlefield by jumping, so don’t expect it to stay still for you.

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