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Ark Fjordur Where To Find Element Shards Locations

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In Ark: Survival Evolved, element shards are mainly used to fuel Tek structures like the Tek Generator and the Tek Cloning Chamber.

One of the rarest and most valuable resources in the game, Element, is created with Element Shards. During the endgame, you’ll require a tonne of element. As a result, it is important to start cultivating Element Shards right away.

Ark Fjordur Where To Find Element Shards Locations

ARK Fjordur: Where to Find Element Shards

Here Are Five Location Where You will Find Element Shard

  • 88.8 LAT and 68.9 LON
  • 95.9 LAT and 80.5 LON
  • 95.6 LAT and 78.9 LON
  • 57.1 LAT and 85.0 LON
  • 48.0 LAT and 15.7 LON

Location 1

The coordinates are towards the bottom right part of the map, near the fire wyvern lair at 88.8 LAT and 68.9 LON.

After entering the cave, follow the straight route, looking for purple crystals to help you determine your location. Deep within the cave, you’ll find a spot where you have to slide down to find a number of pearl-like nests. The luminous black objects you observe on the ground are black pearls. Be careful since there are a few ferocious Magmas urus hiding in this area.

There are also red crystals, similar to those in Genesis One. Mining drills are only one kind of equipment that may be used to extract these crystals. These red crystals may be found everywhere in this location. You can find all the red crystals and element shards you need in the cave.

Location 2

95.9 LAT and 80.5 LON are the location coordinates for this place. This location is on an island where a volcano is. At this place, there is a cave. You must get into the cave. You may collect your element shards from the red-light crystals that are scattered around this cave.

Location 3

The address for this place is 95.6 LAT and 78.9 LON. This area is highly dangerous. When you get there, search for the purple crystals to reveal a cave. You must descend all the way to the cave’s floor in order to find all the red crystals.

Location 4

This location’s coordinates are 57.1 LAT and 85.0 LON. This is where you must enter the cave. With a mining drill, you may harvest element shards from any common rock in the cave. The cave poses a threat.

Location 5

This location’s coordinates are 48.0 LAT and 15.7 LON. Underwater surrounds this area. When you first enter the water, you’ll see several rocks that resemble wyvern scars. Below those rocks is a hole that leads directly to a deep section of the sunken ocean floor.

Moses and squids will be around, so take caution. You will see shimmering pebbles submerged deep in the ocean. To get element shards, you only need to mine these rocks.

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Where do you find element shards in Ark?

Element Shards can be found on Genesis: Part 1 by climbing the slopes of the volcano in the Volcano biome. They are mined from the red crystals which can be found along the trails leading to the top of the volcano. Finding them can be extremely high risk, especially if the volcano erupts while you are up there.

Where do I craft shards to an element?

Element Shard is a resource that can be crafted, which is mainly done in the Tek Replicator, exchanging 1x Element for 100x Element Shards. It is possible to use Element Dust to create Unstable Element Shards, which after expiring will turn into Element Shards.

Can you craft element in Ark?

Element can be obtained by defeating the different bosses in Ark, which depend on each map when it comes to the reward. It is possible to craft Element with a certain number of resources which is done within a Charge Node, providing players with an alternative way to obtain it.

How do you cheat element shards in Ark?

Can you tame a Ferox with element shards?

you must use Element near it and then survive after it evolves into its larger form. Use element near it again, and repeat.

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