Best Audio Settings in Modern Warfare 2

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Modern Warfare 2 features an unparalleled worldwide conflict that returns the Task Force 141 Operators. There are top-secret missions, covert infiltration operations, and other types of operations. Infinity Ward delivers state-of-the-art gameplay by reworking the controls for the weapons, introducing a powerful artificial intelligence system, introducing a new Gunsmith, and introducing many other graphical advancements. Multiple game types are available in MW2, including a single-player storyline, multiplayer battles, and a special ops adventure that can be played cooperatively. You will discover how to get the greatest visuals (display, quality, and view) for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) on Xbox, PS4, PS5, and PC by following this instructions article.

Best Audio Settings in Modern Warfare 2

Best Audio Settings in Modern Warfare 2

The optimal audio settings for Modern Warfare 2 include turning off the music volume, reducing the level of the conversation, and turning down the overall master volume.

You need to turn up the level of the effects all the way for you to be able to hear the footsteps more clearly.

Best audio settings:

  • Audio mix: Headphones
  • Master volume: 40
  • Music volume: 0
  • Dialogue volume: 30
  • Effects volume: 100
  • Hit marker volume: 30
  • Speakers/headphones game sound device: Default system device
  • Mono audio: Off
  • Voice chat volume: 50

Note: The audio settings that are not listed are all set to default.

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