Best Graphics Settings for Modern Warfare 2

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Modern Warfare 2 features an unparalleled worldwide conflict that returns the Task Force 141 Operators. There are top-secret missions, covert infiltration operations, and other types of operations. Infinity Ward delivers state-of-the-art gameplay by reworking the controls for the weapons, introducing a powerful artificial intelligence system, introducing a new Gunsmith, and introducing many other graphical advancements. Multiple game types are available in MW2, including a single-player storyline, multiplayer battles, and a special ops adventure that can be played cooperatively. You will discover how to get the greatest visuals (display, quality, and view) for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) on Xbox, PS4, PS5, and PC by following this instructions article.

Best Graphics Settings for Modern Warfare 2

Best graphics settings for Modern Warfare 2

When configuring your graphics settings for Modern Warfare 2, it is recommended that you lower the quality settings in order to increase performance and adjust your frame rate to a level that is compatible with your computer’s specifications.

In addition to this, you need to expand the field of view of your weapon, your third-person perspective, and your vehicle so that you can see farther to the right and left.

Display settings:

  • Display mode: Fullscreen exclusive
  • Display monitor: Default
  • Display adapter: Default
  • Screen refresh rate: Maximum
  • Display resolution: Default
  • Dynamic resolution: Off
  • Aspect ratio: Automatic
  • V-Sync [Gameplay]: Off
  • V-Sync [Menus]: Off
  • Custom frame rate limit: Custom
  • Gameplay custom frame rate limit: 60 for low-end, 120 for mid, and 160+ for high-end.
  • Menu custom frame rate limit: 60
  • Out-of-focus custom frame rate limit: 30

Quality settings:

  • Quality presets: Custom
  • Render resolution: 100
  • Upscaling / Sharpening: FIDELITYFX CAS
  • Anti-aliasing: FILMIC SMAA T2X
  • Anti-aliasing quality: Low
  • Video memory scale: 90
  • Texture resolution: Normal
  • Texture filter anisotropic: Low
  • Nearby level of detail: Low
  • Distant level of detail: Low
  • Clutter draw distance: Short
  • Particle quality level: Very low
  • Bullet impacts & sprays: Off
  • Shader quality: Low
  • Tessellation: Off
  • Terrain memory: Min
  • On-demand texture streaming: Off
  • Streaming quality: Low
  • Volumetric quality: Low
  • Deferred physics quality: Off
  • Water caustics: Off
  • Shadow map resolution: Very low
  • Screen space shadows: Off
  • Spot shadow quality: Low
  • Spot cache: Low
  • Particle lighting: Low
  • Ambient occlusion: Off
  • Screen space reflections: Off
  • Static reflection quality: Low
  • Weather grid volumes: Low
  • Nvidia reflex low latency: On + Boost
  • Depth of field: Off
  • World motion blur: Off
  • Weapon motion blur: Off
  • Film grain: 0.00

Note: The quality settings are deliberately lowered to increase performance and reduce lag.

View settings:

  • Field of view [FOV]: 100
  • Ads field of view: Affected
  • Weapon field of view: Wide
  • 3rd person field of view: 90
  • Vehicle field of view: Wide
  • 1st person camera movement: Least [50%]
  • 3rd person camera movement: Least [50%]
  • 3rd person ads transition: 3rd person ads
  • Default spectator camera: Game perspective


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