Chained Echoes – A Lovely Banquet – Farnsport Palace Walkthrough

by Sam

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Farnsport Palace

Gather intel and prepare for some questioning

With a brief journey through the Narslene Sewers behind the party, the action jumps once again to Victor. The poet is now in Farnsport Palace, where a great deal of fun is about to kick off, and after some revelations as to his true nature Victor is given some time to himself. Shall we look around?

Once we regain control, it’s important to speak to the people around us to gain more information about Princess Amalia and the overall situation. Before we continue, it’s a good idea to save your game. You’ve earned it. After saving, talk to everyone in the area and when you’re ready, leave using the eastern exit. Select “Yes, I’m done,” and a scene will play.

During the scene, we will be engaging in conversations with several characters and will have to choose our responses. To get the best outcome, it’s recommended to choose the following answers:

  • You must be speaking of Taryn’s ruler.
  • Isn’t it exciting to see so many new faces?
  • The High Inquisitor himself. I am honored.

If you got them all correct you’ll get the Life Thread accessory.

Find the Blue Dawn

After that we’ll be back with Sienna. She’s gone inside the warehouse. Watch the scene here and you’ll get items depending on how well you stole from the townsfolk before entering the sewers. Go ahead and open the chest for a reward based on how well you did:

  • Mystic Ring: don’t get caught when stealing as Sienna.
  • Angel Wing x2: you get caught once
  • Sweets: you get caught twice
  • Snack: you get caught three times

Now go south to where you regained control and go right while sticking to the bottom wall to reach the chest that has Angel Wing.

Now go around and go to the southeastern corner to find a chest with Attack Overdrive. Head north now to find a fork. To the north is a dead end but you want to go left IN BETWEEN THE BOXES. Doing so will let you get a chest with Horn x4.

Return and go left now. Before you go north check the corner for another chest, this one with Iron Ore x3.

Head north now to trigger a ton of scenes, and I mean a TON! We see Glenn & Kylian, and Lenne & Robb. Somehow they all gather together and we will now end up in one big party.

Escaping Farnsport Palace

As soon as we regain control, we will be given some tutorials on how parties work, since we now have more than four party members.

In short, switching characters reduces Overdrive, unless you have a skill to lower it, and you also gain the skills of the backup party member. It’s especially important to switch your party member out when Stagger has been inflicted.

We’ll notice that Lenne and Robb are paired, while Victor and Sienna are paired. You can keep them like this, but I think it would be better to switch Sienna over and have her pair up with Kylian. Kylian doesn’t have any good single target skills, so you can switch him out when you don’t need multi-target attacks or healing.

Before we continue, make sure everyone learns a new skill. From now on, all action skills should be learned first, then passive and stat boosters are up to you. I would also suggest giving the Life Thread to Sienna for higher Crit.

Now, let’s continue. From where we start, go west to find a pair of new enemies, the Forgotten Gold Larva and Forgotten Larva. Both are weak to water, so Lenne’s Water Thrust is amazing against them.

Head north from here and go inside the door on the right first. Go through the room to find a chest at the end with Angel Wing x2 inside.

Return to the fork and go left. You can ignore the door to the north and follow the hallway. The room leads you to the same place. If you follow the hallway, enter the door on the left as you see it, and in the room open the chest to find Titan Help.

Head back outside, go right and north when possible. Kill the Forgotten Larva that you see and continue past them down the stairs. Here you’ll be going down several stairs and eventually be outside where another scene plays out and we’re saved by Princess Amalia. For some reason, the spider thing is chasing us and only us.

When you regain control, enter the tower and proceed to find a merchant. Purchase anything you need and head up the stairs. Up here, exit using the bottom left door and follow the path to end up in a fight against three Forgotten Larvae. Kill them all and continue going up the tower to trigger a scene between Etgar and Matthye, the same guy we found with the bandits.

When you regain control, open the chest for Sweets x2 and continue going up until you find yet another merchant. Before you enter the next door, save your game and prepare for the next boss fight. When ready, go through to trigger a scene and right after a boss fight! Time to defeat the mantis-spider thing!


  • Forgotten Larva – Strong to Fire, Weak to Water – Can steal Coconut Fiber – Drops Ashen Bone
  • Forgotten Gold Larva – Stong to Fire, Weak to Water – Can steal Ashen Bone – Drops Ashen Bone, Weathered Bone


Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
Steal: Sturdy Aketon
  • Regular Attack: hits one character for around 30 dmg.
  • Fire Scissors: hits one character for around 30 fire dmg.
  • Forbidden Fire: hits all characters for around 25 dmg.

This fight is probably the toughest so far, but it’s not too challenging. The main thing to watch out for is that the boss hits quite hard. However, it’s relatively slow, which gives you a chance to easily heal yourself. The one attack you’ll want to be careful of is Forbidden Fire, an attack that hits all characters for around 25 damage. This can make or break your party, so be careful.

As you may have already noticed, the boss is strong against fire and weak to water. For this, you’ll want Lenne in your party and doing nothing but using Water Thrust to deal maximum damage. Make sure to just attack until you enter Overdrive so you can take advantage of the lowered TP consumption and higher damage.

I like having Kylian use Leg Aim every couple of turns to slow the boss down a bit and give you more turns. It’s also good to use Victor’s Poetic March to increase everyone’s ATK and MAG. Of course, using Glenn’s Armor Break is good every now and then as well, but you’ll mostly want to focus on attacking with Cross Slash. If required/needed, have him use Lend Energy to give Lenne 50 TP to keep that Water Thrust going.

Sienna is all about damage, so have her start by using X-Slash to cause Bleed, then using Yoko Giri to attack and Petal Storm whenever available. You can also steal a Sturdy Aketon armor from the boss if you want. Make sure to also have her use her Ultra Move for a ton of damage, and it goes without saying that you should do it while buffed AND in Overdrive to maximize your damage.

Kylian will be working overtime in this fight curing the party, but don’t be afraid of using a Snack or two to keep yourself healed (I doubt you’ll have the need) and eventually the fight will end with no winner.