Chained Echoes – A Lovely Banquet – Narslene Sewers Walkthrough

by Sam

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Narslene Sewers

Pass through the sewers

We begin our journey in the sewers with our character Sienna, who is currently navigating them alone. If we go left, we will reach a dead end, so it’s best to go right. Along the way, we will encounter a new enemy called the Bat. Not much can be said about them, except that they’re weak to dark attacks and there’s nothing to steal from them.

As we continue, we’ll come across a ladder that we should head south on. Keep an eye out for a chest to the right. We’ll then have to wait for a raft to come by so we can ride it. Once we’re on it, we’ll see a platform on the southwestern side that we should get off on. However, remember that chest we saw earlier? Stay on the raft and wait for it to go around again so you can get off at the next platform and grab the Tin Ore x4 inside.

Pass through the sewers

After getting back on the raft and riding it again, we’ll need to get off at the southwestern platform. Following the path, we’ll come across another bat, and at the fork past the bridge, we should go north and down the stairs. This will trigger a scene where we encounter a huge octopus, and we’ll see Glenn and Kylian. It’s a surprise to see them, and we’ll learn more about their backstory.

Once we regain control, it’s a good idea to have Glenn and Kylian learn some new skills. For example, I had my Glenn learn Oil Slash and Lend Energy, while I had Kylian learn Leg Aim and Recall Training. Glenn’s Lend Energy is particularly useful, as it allows you to give another party member 50 TP for only 25 TP while in Overdrive.

We’ll then head south and follow the path as it takes us up the stairs and west. We’ll soon come across a fork, so first, we should head south to find a chest at the end with Magic Overdrive x2. Then we’ll return and go left, where we’ll encounter a new enemy called the Sewerdiver. These enemies are weak to wind, but we can’t exploit that just yet. You can steal Tin Ore from them with Sienna if you want.

At the end of the bridge, we can go north up the passage or down the ladder to the south. Let’s go north first to find a sneaky chest at the end with Antidote x2. Then we’ll head back and go down the ladder. We’ll get on the raft and get off at the first platform on the northeastern side before it goes down to find a chest with Coconut Fiber x3.

We’ll then return to the raft and ride it back to where we first got on. We’ll go up the ladder and south down the bridge to reach a fork and a merchant. While the merchant may not have much we need, you can buy any items you may need. From here, we’ll go right first to find a fancy chest at the end with Sturdy Aketon, a nice armor upgrade for Glenn or Kylian. We’ll have to fight some Sewerdivers before we get to it though.

Finally, we’ll return to the merchant and go left for another fork. If we try going north, the game will tell us there’s no coming back for a while, so make sure to explore everything before we continue. For now, we’ll head left to find 2 chests containing Sweets and Buff Overdrive x2.

Boss Fight: Krachan


Strength: Water
Weakness: Wind
Steal: Copper Nugget (Krachan Physical Tentacle)
  • Healing Tentacle
    • Tentacle Heal: heals a tentacle for 50 HP.
  • Magical Tentacle
    • Tentacle Splash: hits one character for around 18 dmg.
    • Tentacle Fury: allows it to hit all characters at once with the attack Water.
    • Water: hits all characters for around 10 dmg.
  • Physical Tentacle
    • Tentacle Pierce: hits one character for around 15 dmg.
    • Tentacle Rage: increases dmg. dealt by ~30%.

We are currently in battle with the Kraken, specifically its tentacles. There are three tentacles, and they all have different abilities. At first, I thought they were all the same, but they’re not! The top tentacle is a healer, the middle tentacle focuses on magic attacks, and the lower tentacle does physical damage. It’s interesting to see that they all have unique abilities.

It’s clear that the Healing Tentacle should be our first priority. It’s healing 50 HP every turn is quite powerful, but also has a drawback. It always focuses on healing the other tentacles before itself, which means you can use Kylian’s Wide Swing or Sienna’s Yoko Giri to hit all tentacles, and then have the Healing Tentacle waste 2 turns healing them. While it does that, you can focus on attacking it until it’s destroyed.

Sienna should use X-Slash to cause Bleed and get a chance to use Petal Storm to deal massive damage to the Healing Tentacle. Glenn can focus on using Cross Slash to deal massive damage.

Also, we shouldn’t forget about using our Ultra Move. Sienna can use it to deal massive damage to the Healing Tentacle, or save it and have Glenn use it once the Healing Tentacle is dead.

Once the Healing Tentacle is defeated, we can take on the other two tentacles however we want. I found the Magical Tentacle to deal more damage, so I focused on it afterwards. Lastly, take care of the Physical Tentacle. You can also steal a Copper Nugget from it.

Overall, it’s not a difficult fight. Knowing that the Healing Tentacle heals makes this battle much easier. You can keep up the healing with Kylian’s heal, or by using a snack every now and then should keep you healed and safe.

Once the Healing Tentacle is destroyed, the other two tentacles will be buffed. The physical one will gain increased ATK, while the magical one can attack all characters. Focus on the Magical Tentacle because, even though it hits for less damage, it’s still hitting all characters at once. The physical’s power increase isn’t as drastic.