Chained Echoes – Festivities Walkthrough

by Sam

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Item You Will Find in Festivities

  • Beast Pelt — x1
  • Bamboo Fiber — x2
  • 500a
  • 25a
  • Farnsport House Key
  • Sacred Water — x1
  • Tin Ore —— x4
  • Magic Overdrive x2
  • Antidote —– x2
  • Coconut Fiber — x3
  • Sturdy Aketon
  • Sweets ——— x1
  • Bomb Overdrive x2


  • Bat
  • Sewerdiver
  • BOSS: Kraken

Back in Farnsport, Lenne and Robb will be wondering what to do next. As they decide, the camera will change from following Lenne and Robb to a new party member, Victor. He’s got a great beard!

As we gain control of Victor, we get to explore a new area of Farnsport and play some minigames… or “play” them.

Ok, for this next part we need to collect chips. Heinlein gives us 50 of them so we can go around and play these little minigames. In the shop up ahead, you can buy everything for 120 chips, meaning we only need 70 more. The thing is, we don’t get to buy anything… and you’ll see why. I also didn’t get any items from getting all the items in the shop… so I don’t know if you can skip this whole place. I’ll update this once I find out. Anyway, let’s start exploring. Feel free to ignore this entire part and continue to the shop to the north if you wish.

Let us start by having Victor learn some skills. He can learn 2 of them and I opted to go for “Pressure Point” and “DEF Up”. Now head directly west to find a chest in the corner with Beast Pelt.

Return to Heinlein and go north to the plaza area. Talk to the people around here to learn about the RPS Champ. It seems there’s a champion of Rock-Paper-Scissors here (the man in green). The people here tell you how to beat him. It’s pretty easy, but simply pick the answers below. Make sure to save your game just in case you accidentally pick one by accident. He gives you extra chips if you beat him on your first try for a whopping 55 chips.

Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown

First up is the Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown, located in the southeast of the area. Here, four turtles will race to the end of the track, and you need to bet 10 chips on a winner. If your turtle wins the race, you’ll earn 30 tokens. If not, try again.

Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown

There’s a little trick to this game, which you can learn by giving 40 chips to the shady fellow in the alleyway to the north of the track. Speak to the turtles between races and each will say ‘turtle’ with varying degrees of enthusiasm. You want to go with the turtle that screams ‘TURTLE’. This one will win every time, without fail, though the owner will shuffle the turtles each time, forcing you to check for the enthusiastic one before making another bet. The Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown is the quickest and easiest way to earn yourself chips.

Paper, Rock, Scissors

Southeast from the RPS Champ, you’ll find a stairway going down to the “Turtle Race” minigame. In this game, you have to pick the turtle that’s going to win, but the race is “randomly” organized. It costs 10 chips to play. However, there’s an easy way to see who’s going to win, simply talk to the turtles. If you see the turtle stutter, then it’s not a good choice. Pick the turtle that says “TURTLE!” with enthusiasm.

You can play this game over and over again to get your 120 chips. After the races, go ahead and check the northeastern corner to find a little chest with Bamboo Fiber x2.

Head up the stairs and go right to find an odd looking person at the end. He’ll tell you how to win the turtle races for 40 chips, but you don’t need to pay him since the information is already provided.

Paper, Rock, Scissors

Return to the RPS Champ and check the northeastern corner. The minigame up here allows you to spend 10 chips to eat as many dapples as you can. You’ll get 1 chip for every plate you eat. You’ll have to mash your PSCROSS.png button nonstop for what feels like an eternity.

Once you’re done with the minigames, head north towards the shop. Here, a red-haired lady will stop you. If you’re ready, go ahead and talk to her. You’ll be able to pick up 6 items, all of which have overpowered names. These cost just a handful of chips, and like I said, you’ll need 120 to buy them all. Pick up all 6 items on the tables and talk to the man behind the counter. He’ll charge you 120 chips for the items. However, the lady in red will steal the items from you. Eventually, Victor will just laugh and we’ll be in control of the thief, whose name is Sienna.

Things to steal

Now that we’re in control of Sienna, we’ll be using her thieving skills to acquire some items. First thing to do is learn some new skills, I recommend “Petal Storm” and “X-Slash” as they work well together. Petal Storm is a powerful skill, but it can only be used after “proccing” it by using X-Slash or Yoko Giri.

We’ll start by heading to the upper left building, which is a restaurant/bar. Inside we’ll find a man passed out at the counter with his wallet left on the counter. Talk to the green man and he’ll tell you that a good barkeeper would keep the wallet safe. To steal the wallet, we’ll need to pretend to be a new barkeeper by talking to the barkeeper and asking for the cheapest drink three times. Once he goes to get another bottle, we can sneak behind the counter and steal the wallet. We’ll get 500a from the wallet, but we don’t get to keep it.

Next, we’ll head east down the stairs to find a large house that is locked. To get inside, we’ll need to head back to where we gained control and go north up the stairs. Once we’re up there, we’ll go east and behind the house with the blue roof, allowing us to drop onto the roof of the locked house. Inside, we’ll find some Laxatives on a side table next to the bed.

In this next area, you’ll see a group of people gathered around a stage. Go up to the stage and speak to the man in charge. He’ll ask you to put on a performance, and you’ll have to choose between singing, dancing, and storytelling. Whatever you choose, make sure to put on a good show and impress the crowd. After your performance, you’ll earn some money and the option to perform again in the future.

Petal Storm

As you continue to explore the area, you may come across some other opportunities to earn money, such as by completing side quests or selling items you’ve found. Use this money to purchase items, weapons, and upgrades for Sienna and her party members.

As you explore, you will also encounter enemies. Sienna has a stealth ability that allows her to sneak up on enemies and take them by surprise. Use this to your advantage and take out enemies before they even have a chance to react.

As you progress through the story, you’ll encounter new areas and challenges, and your party will grow with new members. Be sure to level up your characters and equip them with the best gear, so they’re ready to take on whatever comes their way.

As we enter this new area someone will call out to us. Go east from here to trigger a scene where we’re captured. Dangit. Watch the scenes that play out here and we’ll end up working for these guys. Then want us to sneak into the royal palace and steal the Blue Darn. After many, many scenes we’ll end up in the next area, Narslene Sewers. This is also the end of this quest and the start of the next one so I’ll see you there!