Chained Echoes – The City Watch, FARNSPORT Walkthrough

by Sam

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Dancing City of Farnsport

Following the disastrous events that occurred when Glenn attempted to enter Wyrnshire Castle, the narrative shifts to the more peaceful setting of Farnsport. The player assumes control of Lenne and Robb, a princess and her companion who are posing as members of the city’s police force. Before exploring the city, it’s important to take a moment to review the Skills available to the player.

Skill Allocation

As you progress through the storyline of Chained Echoes, you’ll be rewarded with Grimoire Shards at certain points. You just earned one by defeating the boss of The Alpha Not the Omega. These shards not only serve as a marker for how far your team has come in the story, but also provide a boost to their stats. Additionally, each character can use these shards to acquire new Skills, which can be accessed through the Skills section of the game’s menu.

There are three types of Skills you can teach to your characters:

  • Action Skills. These moves are used in combat, either to harm enemies or to benefit your party. Your character can equip six Action Skills at any time, and two more for their Class (which we will get to later).
  • Passive Skills. These are bonuses to particular stats or resistances that are applied to your character during combat. Your character can equip three Passive Skills at any time, and two more for their Class.
  • Stats Booster. These are bonuses to your character’s stats. Each stat boost is permanent, and is applied as soon as you unlock the Skill.

You can acquire new Skills by navigating to the “Learn Skills” submenu. Once you’ve acquired them, you can assign them to your characters in the “Set Skills” submenu. Remember to make use of your Grimoire Shards as you earn them, and be sure to apply any new Action or Passive Skills to your characters.

The choice of which Skills to teach your characters is entirely up to you, but it’s recommended to have a balanced selection of Action Skill types to help prevent your Overdrive gauge from overheating. Using Skills is generally more beneficial than relying on defending alone.

Your next destination is the city gate. First, though, you should descend from the rooftops and have a look around Farnsport. Any building with an arrow out front can be entered, and anyone with a bubble over their head has something to say.

  • Descend to street level and check in the southeast. Near two guys hanging out in a back alley you’ll find a chest containing 250a.
  • As you make your way west you’ll hit a cut scene with a few characters. Just on the other side of the bridge where the cut scene takes place is a house. Check the shelving unit in the middle of the home for 25a.
  • Next to this home is a dog. Pet the dog or you’re a monster.
  • West of the bridge is a stage with a band. Keep going west of the stage and you’ll find a house you can enter that’s partially obscured by a tree. Inside and on the ground floor is a chest containing Eye Drops, and on the second floor there are two cabinets containing Snacks. Also, pet the cat.

Check the armed person in front of the city gates

Once you regain control go ahead and have Lenne and Robb learn a new Skill. Here you can unlock one thanks to the Grimoire Shard we got from the Wywyan boss fight. Personally I had Lenne learn TP Up while I had Robb learn AGI Up, he also got +1 ATK and Lenne had an upgrade in almost every start, which is nice.

Now start going down the stairs to the south. At the fork down here there’s nothing to the left of right. You can go inside the house with the red roof and talk to the NPC in here if you want. Talks about wood flavoring food. Hmm.

Head further down and go right first to find a chest near the dead end with 250a inside.

Head back and turn left to initiate a scene with an old man who is unhappy about the impending peace treaty. He doesn’t believe that people can just act as if nothing is wrong after 150+ years of war. The old man believes in the idea that holding onto revenge only leads to a never-ending cycle of hatred. It seems the writer has been playing too many games like God of War Ragnarok, and the tone of the scene can be serious and empathetic.

During the scene, we are also introduced to Row, who is supposedly the best pilot in Escanya. It’s revealed that Lenne has saved his wife and newborn daughter, which is a nice touch to the story.

After the scene, you regain control and you’ll find yourself in a plaza. Enter the first house on the left, and you’ll find 25a by searching the sparkle.

Head back outside and talk to people around here if you want. You can talk and pet the doggos in this game! Yes! Enter the upper left house now and open the chest immediately to your right for Eye Drops. Now talk to the people in here if you want, but go upstairs and check the sparkles in the second and fourth rooms to find Snack and Snack.

Head back outside and go down the bottom left stairs and enter the tunnel down here. Here speak to the employee… the huge boar demi human and leave the city.

Rohlan Fields

Items you will get in this Fields

  • 250a
  • 125a
  • 103a
  • Sturdy Aketon
  • Kopis
  • 250a
  • Heal Overdrive x3
  • 30a
  • 17a
  • ATK UP I
  • Oil Lamp ——- x2
  • Sweets ——- x2
  • Silver Breastplate
  • Raven Cloak
  • Lozenge ——– x2
  • 311a
  • MND UP
  • TP Cost Down
  • 80a
  • 265a
  • TP Cost Down
  • 15a
  • MND UP
  • Sweets ——— x2
  • Counter Cure
  • Bolas
  • 27a
  • Antidote ——- x2
  • Counter Cure – x2
  • Fine Wool —— x2
  • Horn ——— x3
  • Sweets ——— x2
  • Debuff Overdrive x4
  • Glaive
  • 412a
  • 2,999a
  • Angel Wing —– x2
  • Chemistry III
  • Rapier
  • Snack
  • Comfy Scarf
  • Beast Pelt —– x2
  • Pancea ——— x2
  • Alarm Clock —- x2
  • Longbow

ENEMIES/ BOSSES You will Find In This Field

  • Pigear
  • Boxfly
  • Wool Turtle
  • Slorse
  • Crab
  • Saliva
  • Seedling
  • UNIQUE: The Veggie Five
  • UNIQUE: Shashlik
  • UNIQUE: Leaping the Frog
  • UNIQUE: Tak the Yak

We are now in the outskirts of Farnsport. Go left to encounter your first enemy, the Pigear. This enemy has a lot of HP for a regular enemy, so make sure to use your skills, even if it means spamming them. Keep in mind that we have an Ultra Move, similar to Wywyan’s Ultimate Attack, which serves as our version of a Limit Break. We have one gauge for all party members, so use it at the start of fights. I’ll let you know when to stop using it if a boss fight is approaching.

After the battle, head west and grab Silk Thread from over the bridge. It’s not clear if the “loot” items are randomized, so please let me know if you received something different.

As you continue moving forward, a scene will play as you head north. You’ll find a group of people being checked out by a very obvious bandit.

Follow the armed person

Proceed further north and speak to the old man if you wish. You can also talk to the merchant on the right to purchase items, but at this point, you should have around 9-10 Snacks, which should be more than enough. It’s best to save your money for now.

Climb the wall next to the old man and go left to find a sign that reads “Beware of Goblins.” Hmm. Further west, you’ll find a Boxfly enemy, which is a huge fly with boxing gloves.

From here, head south down the slopes to the beach. Go left to find a chest at the end with a Snack. Then, return up the slopes and head left into the next area. Under the waterfall, you’ll find Dirty Wool, and you’ll see a cave below. It seems like a possible way out, but we’ll find out later. Jump across the gap to the left, and you’ll see a wall you can climb to the left.

At the top, go into the water and out to grab the chest here with 78a. Behind you, you’ll see a huge tree in the water. Get back in the water and go behind the tree. There’s a secret entrance behind the tree, and inside, you can find a chest with 412a.

Now head east from the tree to find two waterfalls facing each other. Swim down either one of them, then swim down a second waterfall. Down here, go right, and into the cave we previously saw. Head inside and climb the wall in the back to find a chest with Medallion. It’s a great accessory for Lenne.

Termina Caves

Leave the cave and jump down, you’ll back where you just were. Head back left and continue under another waterfall. Grab Silk Thread down the slope. Follow the water south and to the right when possible. Jump across and this will lead to a chest with Snack.

Return to the left side of the pond and continue going left. You’ll have to fight a Boxfly and a Pigear. It’s recommended to focus on the Pigear first as it hits harder. From here, go left into a little alcove to find Silk Thread, then north where you’ll find the entrance to a cave that’s not ominous at all with that skull rock formation.