Chapter 1: New Arrivals Walkthrough and Schematic Locations

by Sam

The primary narrative of Dead Space Remake (2023) starts with the chapter “New Arrivals.” Continue reading for a comprehensive walkthrough, a list of awards, suggestions for achieving 100% completion, New Arrivals Schematic Locations, and other methods!

You will be taken through the tutorial even if the game has been cleared, so feel free to take advantage of this and familiarize yourself with the controls. Within the Kellion, which is your ship, there is a little medical kit in one side bay. Although you won’t be able to access the “There is always Peng!” figurine until much later in the game, if you have a keen eye (and have been reading message boards about Dead Space), you will be able to spot it perched on the edge of the walkway that leads to the hangar in the early stages of the game.

New Arrivals Walkthrough

Follow the security team.

Follow Security Team

Open the Hangar Door.

Open Hanger Door


Activate the Security Console.

Activate the Security Console

Get to Safety.

Get to Safety

Replace the Damaged Tram.

Replace the Damaged Tram

Find the Data Board.

Find the Data Board (1)

Find the Maintenance Bay Key.

Find the Maintenance Bay Key

Install the Data Board

Install the Data Board

Call the Tram.

Call the Tram

Return to the Kellion and Run Diagnostics.

Return to the Kellion and Run Diagnostics

Go to the Medical Deck.

Get to the Medical Deck