[Updated] Diablo Immortal Class Tier List: November 2022

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Are you looking for a tier list for Diablo Immortal? Nothing is more frustrating in an RPG game than spending endless hours building up a character just to find out they don’t fit your play style. Hardcore gamers will have to make a difficult decision sooner or later, with six Diablo Immortal classes to choose from and only five character slots per server.

Every class has been thoroughly examined in order to establish their spot on the Diablo Immortal tier list. There are classes that specialise in crowd management yet struggle against bosses, and there are also additional factors to consider, such as PvP and Challenge Rifts. It’s worth noting that Diablo Immortal is often updated, thus the worst class on our list might change at any time.

Diablo Immortal Class Tier List

Diablo Immortal class tier list

Below we’ve ranked all six launch classes from best to worst. Every class is good though, so if your favorite is at the bottom don’t let these rankings deter you.

Tier Class
S-Tier Necromancer, Demon Hunter
A-Tier Wizard, Crusader, Barbarian
B Tier Monk

Below we will walk you through some of the strengths and weaknesses of each class to help you choose your first character.

S Tier


Long-time Diablo fans will like the Necromancer in Diablo Immortal, especially if they relish blowing up summoned skeletons’ bodies. The Necromancer is supposed to be a ranged character that commands fallen warriors from afar, but Diablo Immortal has given this class a variety of potent short-ranged skills. To offset this, the Necromancer has potent buffs such as Bone Armor, which allows him to avoid taking damage.

The Necromancer is a highly adaptable character who provides players with a wide range of fighting choices. Create a build that summons skeletons and golems to perform all of the heavy lifting for you if you’re playing solo. This gameplan even works against bosses, giving you a huge advantage over some of the other classes which struggle to take down single targets with lots of health. As long as you time your Wraith Form ability correctly to avoid taking critical damage, the Necromancer is an excellent pick for players with strong micromanaging skills.

Demon Hunter

In Diablo Immortal, there is no class that delivers greater damage than the Demon Hunter. The Demon Hunter’s incredible DPS output makes Challenge Rifts a breeze, since they can annihilate monsters faster than any other class.

Demon Hunters also have a lot of skills for dealing with large groups of opponents, making them the best class for solo play. Apart from their great damage output, they don’t offer much in terms of co-op gaming. They also lack significant ally bonuses like the Barbarian and Crusader, and owing to their tiny health pool, other players will need to keep a careful check on this class.

A Tier


The Wizard is our lowest-ranked Diablo Immortal class, but it doesn’t mean they’re not fun to play. The Wizard, unlike the other classes, possesses a set of skills that radically modify how you approach combat. The most common build includes employing crowd control skills like as Ray of Frost and AoE spells to quickly harm many targets.

Unfortunately, the Wizard doesn’t have much to offer in terms of group play, whereas the Demon Hunter may rely on its high damage output. To make matters worse, the Wizard doesn’t have a huge health pool, forcing it to drop out from fights once things start to get dicey.


The Barbarian’s main strength, like the Crusader’s, is its ability to do massive quantities of AoE damage to several adversaries. Barbarians may use this strength in PvP combat as well, allowing them to surge in and destroy opponents in a flash. Unfortunately, these abilities have substantial cooldowns, which might leave players in a difficult situation if they are not employed properly.

While the Barbarian is equipped with powers to keep them healthy on the battlefield, they are frequently the most vulnerable targets in battle. As a result, Barbarians must exercise caution when fighting, as doing the incorrect action in the middle of a battle might easily end in death. The Barbarian needs players to plan ahead of time for each major combat – this class has the ability to dominate, but some players may find it difficult to do so.

B Tier


The Monk, in comparison to other Diablo Immortal classes, feels like it was made for co-op rather than solo play. The Monk flourishes in a party because of his buffs, which aid in the protection and strengthening of your group. As a solitary player, you can play as the Monk, although you may find it tough to combat bosses due to your unexpectedly low damage output.

Monks rely on combinations to deliver effective damage, but depending on how you play the game, this might be challenging. Players on PC shouldn’t have any issues, but Monk players who don’t use a controller may experience issues if they go to mobile. The Monk thrives as a support character because of its wide variety of buffs that assist everyone in the group. If you’re looking for a new job, playing through the game with a dedicated group, pick the Monk class to keep your party members alive at all times.

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