Dinkum: How To Get Stone Grinder
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Dinkum: How To Get Stone Grinder

In Today’s Article, we will help you with the Stone Grinder Guide. How to Get it and How to Use it. And Uses of The Stone Grinder. So Stay with us and Continue Reading.

In the animal crossing-inspired game Dinkum, you may construct your own house, explore the forest, and raise different types of crops on your farm. This walkthrough will show you where to find the game’s stone grinder.

Stone Grinder Uses

The Stone Grinder in Dinkum may grind large boulders into cement, which is excellent or extract precious elements from them. Now you may earn more money and create better structures! In addition, you may earn additional Permit points according to how often you use the stone grinder:

  1. Stone Grinder used 10 times – 100 Permit Points
  2. Stone Grinder used 50 times – 100 Permit Points

Dinkum: How To Get Stone Grinder

Dinkum: How To Get Stone Grinder

If you mine a lot, the Stone Grinder may be handy since it can extract precious resources from large boulders or transform ordinary rocks into cement, enabling you to construct new structures.

You must first finish the Convince John to Stay quest before you may buy the Stone Grinder from John, who will then have his permanent store in the town.

Dinkum: How To Get Stone Grinder

The next step is to see Fletch at the camp’s main gate and pay 250 permit points for a level mining license. You must also pay John 1200 dinks for a pickaxe when you have the license.

Finally, go to John’s store and pay 10,000 dinks for the Stone Grinder. The stone grinder may be used by collecting all the rocks in one spot and inserting them into the grinder. These rocks will next be transformed into cement and other valuable materials by the stone grinder.

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