This Disney Dreamlight Valley location guide will provide you with information on everything you need to know about the Frosted Heights, including the critters and characters you’ll come across while exploring the area, the materials that you can discover foraging and mining, the Quests that can be unlocked, and a great deal more.

Things You Can Explore In Frosted Heights

Wishing Well

The Frosted Heights Wishing Well is unlocked using 10,000. Once unlocked, it provides fast travel teleportation using the map.

Goofy’s Stall

Stage Upgrade Cost Seed Unlocks Seed Price
Initial Repair  4,000  Cucumber Seed  40
Upgrade 1  10,000  Eggplant Seed  95
Upgrade 2  20,000  Asparagus Seed  150


Hazard Clear Using Requires
Small Ice Crystals Royal Watering Can Level 2 Elsa’s quest Breaking the Ice
Large Ice Crystals Royal Watering Can Level 3 Elsa’s quest The Singing Ice ( Elsa Level 6)


Foxes are the critter type in this biome. Their favorite food is White Sturgeon, and they also like Salmon.

To feed them allow them to approach you, and then chase them around. After chasing them long enough they’ll stop to accept food.

Name Favorite Food Liked Food
Black Fox  White Sturgeon  Salmon
Blue Fox  White Sturgeon  Salmon
Classic Fox  White Sturgeon  Salmon
Red Fox  White Sturgeon  Salmon
White Fox  White Sturgeon  Salmon



Name Ripples
Bass None
Crab Blue
Salmon White
Tilapia Blue
White Sturgeon Gold
Seaweed None


Name Sell Price
Softwood  5
Hardwood  10
Dry Wood  25
Cherry  42
Gooseberry  50
Mint  80


Name Sell Price
Black Passion Lily  79
Blue Passion Lily  56
Green Passion Lily  28
Red Passion Lily  38
White Passion Lily  38


Name Sell Price
Snowball  25
Soil  3


Name Sell Price
Stone  2
Coal Ore  5
Gold Nugget  20
Iron Ore  10
Amethyst  500
Shiny Amethyst  2,000
Tourmaline  420
Shiny Tourmaline  1,600