In this guide to Frozen Flame Potions, we will explain how potions function, walk you through the process of crafting potions and show you where you can obtain the all-important water vessel.

How Frozen Flame Potions Work

You can use Frozen Flame Potions to bring yourself back to life when you’re about to pass out or to get a boost of power when the battle is really important. Like in many other games, potions have a short cooldown time that stops you from using them over and over again in a row.

How to Get Potions in Frozen Flame

How to Get Potions in Frozen Flame

There are three ways to get Potions in Frozen Flame:

  1. Craft them with a Cauldron.
  2. Find them in Chests.
  3. Purchase them from merchants.

Since Early Access version, Chests no longer respawn, you won’t be able to count on them to always give you Potions in the years to come. You shouldn’t spend your hard-earned Coins on them either. Your best bet is to use a Cauldron to Craft Potions. This will let you use your Coins more effectively.

Frozen Flame Potions Recipe List