This Disney Dreamlight Valley location guide will provide you with information on everything you need to know about the Glade of Trust, including the critters and characters you’ll come across while exploring the area, the materials that you can discover foraging and mining, the Quests that can be unlocked, and a great deal more.

Things You Can Explore In Glade of Trust

Wishing Well

The Glade of Trust Wishing Well is unlocked for  5,000. Once unlocked, it provides fast travel teleportation using the map.

Goofy’s Stall

Stage Upgrade Cost Seed Unlocks Seed Price
Initial Repair  2,000  Rice Seed  35
Upgrade 1  5,000  Spinach Seed  45
Upgrade 2  10,000  Okra Seed  135
Rotating Ingredients
  • Spinach ( 62)
  • Lemon ( 67)
  • Okra ( 171)
  • Rice ( 92)


Hazard Clear Using Requires
Small Sea Debris Pickaxe Level 2 Maui’s quest The Great Maui in the Moana Realm
Small Mushroom Patch Royal Watering Can Level 2 Merlin’s quest A Dark Experiment ( Merlin Level 8)
Large Mushroom Patch Royal Watering Can Level 3 Merlin’s quest The Final Trial ( Merlin Level 10)


Crocodiles are the critter type in this biome. Their favorite food is Lobster, and they also like Herring and Squid.

To feed them you need to sneak up to them without being seen. When you spot one, wait until it puts its head down, then sneak toward them. When it raises its head again stop moving, and wait until it puts it back down to continue. When you’re close enough they’ll accept food.

Name Favorite Food Liked Food
Blue Crocodile  Lobster  Herring
Classic Crocodile  Lobster  Herring
Golden Crocodile  Lobster  Herring
Pink Crocodile  Lobster  Herring
Red Crocodile  Lobster  Herring
White Crocodile  Lobster  Herring



Name Ripples
Cod None
Herring White
Lobster Gold
Squid Blue
Tuna White
Seaweed None


Name Sell Price
Softwood  5
Hardwood  10
Cocoa Bean  38
Lemon  33
Mushroom  30


Name Sell Price
Blue Marsh Milkweed  48
Orange & Red Marsh Milkweed  66
Orange Marsh Milkweed  33
Purple Marsh Milkweed  25
White Marsh Milkweed  33


Name Sell Price
Clay  20
Soil  3


Name Sell Price
Stone  2
Coal Ore  5
Iron Ore  10
Citrine  380
Shiny Citrine  1,500
Emerald  325
Shiny Emerald  1,300