Glowing Apothecary Vessel Location In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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If you’re not fighting the villains in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you’ll be enjoying the other heroes at The Abbey. This enchanting and ancient site isn’t a secluded picnic spot, but. It has many hidden treasures, that you can explore in your own way.

There are many reagents available to create with, and also mysteries to solve, and numerous items that are part of collections. In addition to enriching the story These also provide rewards like cosmetics as well as currency as well as combat gear. This article will provide you with information on where you can find every single Apothecary Vessels within Marvel’s Midnight Suns.


Note:- You will not be able to complete this collection until you have all four Power Words.


Glowing Apothecary Vessel Location

Once you’ve got Power Word Open, head to the west towards The Abbey and continue up the slope until you reach an unfinished wall. Take the wall down with Power Word Open and then head toward an Altar of the Elemental. Altar.

When you reach an altar, notice stones with rough steps to your right, just ahead of an archway. Take the steps up to see The Glowing Vessel in an unfinished stone plinth.

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