[Updated] Guardians of Cloudia Tier List: November 2022

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The Guardians of Cloudia tier list might assist you in deciding which class to play. To become a more strong player, you may utilise this tier list to help you grow quicker and conquer your opponents. The Guardians of Cloudia have particular skills for each class, but that doesn’t mean they’re all that good. Some courses are head and shoulders above the others in every manner. Don’t squander your time or money on courses that aren’t worthwhile.
Even if you’re a beginner, you don’t need to be concerned about your skill level while playing Tier S classes, which are the most powerful in the game. Going with them is a no-brainer.
As a result, while establishing the Guardians of Cloudia tier list, we solely utilised high-end accounts. Minor aspects like skill chance, luck, buffs, and debuffs have little bearing on the overall ranks in the tier list. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the game’s tiers or which classes are the most popular in the comments section below.

List of Guardians of Cloudia Tier List 2022

As of today, we have listed all the available Tier List Of MCoC. Listed All Skins are shown by list which is Tier S, A, B, C, D. Scroll Down and get all List.

Guardians of Cloudia Tier List

New Best Tier List for Guardians of Cloudia

Here is a list of  Guardians of Claudia Class Tier List of Best Class

  • Archer
  • Oracle
  • Rouge
  • Swordman
  • Mage

1.) Archer 

The Archer is a Ranged class that from distance, Relying on keen vision, the firm will, and powerful arrows, Archer can move freely in any environment and aim the target at any distance. Archer is the undisputed master of ranged combat

Archer Conjures Vector of Wind every 12s while in battle. Vector of Wind will be consumed to enhance the skill you use.

2.) Oracle

Oracle not only has the strong recovery ability to ensure the safety of companions but also summons mighty angels to punish enemies.

Oracle gains Holy Energy with normal attacks by chance. Holy Energy: can be consumed to enhance the effect of the next healing skill.

3.) Rouge

Rogue is the expert of stealth and unparalleled shadow killer. Coming from shadow and disappearing in the shadow, Rogue’s art of assassination is invisible.

Rogue gains Combo Points from normal attacks. Consuming 1 Combo Point grants 1 Combo. Combo: Increases Crit Rate, stacking up to 5 times.

4.) Swordman

Being a born fighter, Swordsman is proficient in a variety of fighting skills. The left hand firmly grips the shield of faith, and the right hand wields the sword of justice with no hesitation.

Swordsman gains Rage from using normal attacks and receiving attacks. Wrath is activated when Rage maxes out. Wrath: Increases damage dealt and reduces damage taken.

5.) Mage

Waving the magic wand in hand, Mage pursues the truth of all things and turns the power of the elements into a magic miracle.

Mage resonates with all the magic power in this world, increasing damage done by 3%.

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