Hethlu Location in Tower of Fantasy

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Let’s find Hethlu location in Tower of Fantasy.

The anime-influenced sci-fi adventure game Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world MMORPG. Hotta Studio created it, and Level Infinite released it.

You may play Tower of Fantasy on your computer or mobile device anywhere in the globe (Android & iOS).

Players of the massive game Tower of Fantasy have the chance to uncover a plethora of treasures hidden around the world map. As you explore the globe, you’ll come across certain off-limits areas.

Behind these spots are buried treasures. You’ll need to find the key and enter the code to enter these locked areas.

There are several quests in Tower of Fantasy that must be completed to claim your rewards.

There are additional optional quests, stories, cutscenes, bosses, and more.

If you do well, the game may reward you with virtual goods.

In This Post you will get the answer of Where to find Hethlu location in Tower of Fantasy?

Hethlu location in Tower of Fantasy

Hethlu Location in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, killing named enemies around the map earns you achievements.

Most of the time, these enemies are in enemy camps, but sometimes they are in far-off places.

You get rewards when you kill these enemies, just like when you finish a quest, so it’s a good idea to find them and kill them to get some easy rewards.

You will get hethlu location In tower of fantasy In Ravager Port, outside Cetus Island (near -674.0, -933.8).

Hethlu is a named enemy who lives north of Raincaller Island and Navia Bay.

Along the beach, there is a building-filled structure that goes out into the water. There are guards at the front door, and your target is at the very back.

Hethlu location in Tower of Fantasy

Hethlu is a massive robot with orange-colored wires.

If you have a low level, the fight can be hard.

Even if you fly past the guards and attack Hethlu head-on, the two mobs near him will always help him.

If you’re having trouble with him, try getting rid of the other enemies first.

Most of his attacks are also close-range, so using ranged attacks to dodge his attacks is another way to fight him.

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