How to Convince Putra to Change His Vote

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How to Convince Putra to Change His Vote In Return To Monkey Island:- You are imprisoned on LeChuck’s ship in the second half of this game, and it is up to you to figure out how to change their plan, conceal your identity, and get friendly with your new coworkers. LeChuck himself being aboard could make it challenging, but don’t worry; with our assistance, the problems in this act will start to make sense.

How to Convince Putra to Change His Vote

How to Convince Putra to Change His Vote

Being perceived as a chef is the only thing Putra is concerned about. Inquire about her lack of the title “chef” and whether she has ever attempted to advance. You can pick up the Papers that she drops onto the table asking for a promotion and offer to assist her in getting one.

Go out of the Galley and into the hold. The greased-up Porthole can be added here to the First Swab’s Report. Alternatively, you may feed the hens some of the chicken feed, go outside, and then come back to add the waste to the report.

Go to the deck now. Here, you can either go to the left or right to add the empty boxes or add the stains from the potion to the First Swab’s Report. Give Iron Rose the First Swab’s Report and get her to sign it. After she is finished, she will give you a stack of documents for LeChuck to sign. Putra’s Promotion document should be added to the pile of papers in your inventory after which you should go back to his cabin to get them all signed. Bring these back to Putra, present her the legal documents, and announce her promotion to Chef.

If you’ve completed this process previously and sent the documentation to LeChuck for stamping, he will have already done so. It doesn’t matter; you may bring the documents back to him now that Putra has been promoted and get the stack stamped once more.

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