How to Cook Invigorating Pizza In Genshin Impact

How to Cook Invigorating Pizza In Genshin Impact

How to Cook Invigorating Pizza In Genshin Impact :- This Genshin Impact Cooking Guide will be guiding you on how to cook food with recipes and ingredients along with the locations.

Food in Genshin Impact helps adventurers by providing them with additional buffs like crit rate, attack, and even defense for a few duration. Food can even be used to heal you in battle when you use them on a character. These are very powerful things to use when you are fighting boss, dungeons/ruins alone with a weaker team. There are actually ways to get food in Genshin Impact. Here is the list below.

  1. Quests rewards
  2. Cook with recipes
  3. Buy them from a shop

Sometimes, you do archon quests, you will receive food as a reward, These foods are actually not as powerful as the ones you cook them but are still usable. Now, let’s see how you can cook food and what you need for cooking.

How to Cook Invigorating Pizza In Genshin Impact

How to Cook Invigorating Pizza In Genshin Impact

To Cook Invigorating Pizza In Genshin Impact you will need following Ingredients:

  • Mushroom x4
  • Flour x3
  • Cabbage x2
  • Cheese x1

Below we Have Provide Complete Guide related to How to cook while you are outside ( not in town ) or while you are town. Both Things complete detailed guide provided. Scroll down and read full guide.

Bonus:- Restores 34% of Max HP to the selected character and regenerates 980 HP every 5s for 30s.

How to Cook with Genshin Impact’s Recipes

These ingredients are actually used for cooking, some can even be used to process other recipes ingredients like salt, ham, cheese, and more. To actually use your ingredients, you will need to follow the step below.

How to Cook In Genshin Impact While Outside (Not in Town)

  1. Go and find a place that has a campfire with a cooking pot.
  2. If the campfire was not on fire, you will be needing a pyro character.
  3. Just use any pyro damage on the campfire to light the fire.
  4. After lighting, press f to open the cooking tab.
  5. There will be 2 tabs, one tab is actually your cooking screen which is the default/first screen you will see when you interact with the lighted cooking pot.
  6. To cook dishes, you will be needing recipes.
  7. Click on the recipes, and click cook.
  8. Then a screen will appear, and there will be a mini-game to represent your cooking quality.
  9. If you click on the best timing, the food will come out providing the greatest effect. There are a total of 3 effects, which is suspicious, regular and delicious. Depending on the name you should know which 1 provides the best effect.

How to Cook In Genshin Impact While In the Town

First, go and find the cooking shop in your game and there will be a logo in your mini-map when you go near it.

  1. In Monstadt, the kitchen will be on the right from the shop, you will see a big pan. For Liyue, go into the kitchen then you will also see a big pan.
  2. Go to the big pan then interact with it.
  3. Follow steps 5 to 9 from Outside(Not in Town) to get your food.

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