How to Get Glass in Raft

How to Get Glass in Raft

Glass may be crafted in Raft by creating it yourself. Glass must be made by you since it is unavailable in Raft. Using a smelter to create glass is really simple. In Raft, glass may also be used to create other materials. Below, we’ll explain where to get glass and how to utilise it in rafts.

Glass is a crafting material available in Raft, that you have to make yourself. When I say that, I mean that it can’t actually be found. However, making glass is simple, you just require a smelter.

How to Get Glass in Raft

You’ll need a smelter to make glass. Dry bricks may be used to make a smelter with ease. This procedure has been described in our handbook. We can start making glass now that the smelter has been built.

How to Get Glass in Raft

It is recommended that you start by gathering SandSand may be found a few meters below the surface of the water all around islands, particularly on ledges where corals and algae can be discovered. You won’t have any trouble finding it despite the fact that it blends in fairly nicely with the floor. Once you are within melee range, seize it with your hook and bring it to you.

Collecting Sand is where you should start. Around islands, there is sand under the water, particularly on ledges where corals and algae are present. Because of how nicely it mixes with the floor, you can quickly notice it. Once you’re at melee range, grab it with your hook.

Take the parts you must have gathered back to your raft and put them in the smelter. Before placing wooden planks beneath the fire to start the fire, the metal won’t start melting. One thing you must remember is that it will take about 60 seconds to make one glass.

All the uses of Glass

Without the usage of glass in some form, many items simply cannot be produced. Two examples are binoculars and air purifiers with upgraded technology. Binoculars are not essential, but if you want to cope with water and thirst, you will need a purifier.

Four separate glasses make up a single pair of binoculars. Additionally, with four glasses, you may assemble an Advanced Purifier. To make honey, you will need one glass.

How to Get Glass in Raft

Glass is created in a Smelter by putting Sand and Planks inside it. It will take 60 seconds to create one Glass. Glass can also be found in Loot Boxes on Islands and Vacated Rafts.


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