How to get Kilo Roblox Blox Fruit

by Sam

Kilo Roblox Blox Fruit:- In the game Roblox Blox Fruits, devil fruits are magically powered weapons that deal massive damage to foes and bosses. The total number of devil fruits available in the game is 23. Each devil fruit has a distinct elemental power that it deals and a unique moveset that is connected to that element. Depending on the fruit, some devil fruits even have two different movesets.

Kilo Roblox Blox Fruit

How to get Kilo Roblox Blox Fruit

The Kilo Blox Fruit is a type of Blox Fruit that belongs to the Natural category. The Blox Fruit Dealer will charge you $5,000, which is equivalent to 50 Robux. It is also possible to acquire it from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin, albeit with a much lower chance. The feature was introduced in Update 15 This fruit has a 100% chance of being available for purchase, but only a 13% chance of naturally occurring within the game world. In the game Blox Fruits, the Kilo Admiral makes use of it.

Pro And Cons Of Kilo In Blox Fruit Roblox

Pro Cons
Air mobility, can counter Sky People. Doesn’t have dash moves, although it’s got good air mobility, it’s still hard to catch up with enemies. You can try to use F first, then spam Q in the air, which makes it easier.
It is a starter fruit so it has a really low price. Limited to one ranged move (20,000 KG).
Moves are AOE based Mid for grinding due to the heavy knockback every move makes. The knockback also makes it pretty bad for combos.
Moves are fast Is one of the worst fruits at the moment (Replaced Bomb in it’s spotlight).
The damage has been heavily nerfed after the 17.3 update.

Kilo Movesets in Roblox Blox Fruit Roblox

Key Name Description Mastery
Z 10,000 KG User weight changes to 10,000KG and do AoE, similar to Superhuman X. 1
X 20,000 KG User change the weight of their leg and smash the ground, similar to Gravity Z. 20
C 50,000 KG Player changes their weight to 50,000KG, stunning nearby enemies and deals good damage at them. Is similar to 10,000KG but with bigger hitbox, no knockback, and stun. 50
F Lighten User becomes lighter and floats up holding an umbrella. 75

Tips While Using Kilo

By a wide margin, this fruit is the only fruit that can defend against foes flying through the air. In the event that an adversary knocked you up using a skill such as Barrier’s Z move, you can then use your skills to quickly land on the ground (all of them except F can land down). This fruit does not have a lot of mobility. Although it has godlike aerial mobility, which is helpful for evading bounty hunters, it does not have the speed necessary for capturing bounty. Now, before you do anything else, I strongly suggest that you activate the Observation feature. After that, press the F key to help you float up into the air. After that, you have the option of using Q to dash through the air for a considerable amount of time until you reach a point where the enemy is no longer paying attention to you. After that, sneak up on them and attack them. In essence, a useful fruit for bounty hunting in addition to agricultural use. However, combos and skills are required for the bounty hunt.

Always keep in mind that you are standing still on the ground whenever you use a skill. If the adversary is not standing on the ground when you launch an assault, there is a good chance that you will miss your target.

The Mink and Fishman races have been proposed as possibilities. Mink is utilised to assist in the improvement of ground mobility as well as the dash distance, and it can also be used for airstall. You can protect yourself from taking damage in water by using fish, as if you don’t successfully land your moves, you’ll divebomb into the water below. You won’t be able to move for about five seconds while you’re trapped inside the body of water. Because of this, you are at a significant disadvantage during this time period; therefore, I suggest that you make use of fish or mink.

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