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How To Get Leather In Raft?

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Backpacks and your leather armour set, which includes a helmet, body armour, and greaves in Raft. Only those who have access to leather can make these. You must really go on a hunting expedition in order to obtain this specific crafting component.

How To Get Leather In Raft?

How To Get Leather In Raft

One must first slaughter a variety of wild animals, like bears and warthogs, in order to get leather. Due to the small islands’ lack of area, it is hard for these kinds of creatures to exist.

You must look for sizable islands that are within your navigation system’s range in order to get Leather. Find large islands that are home to Warthogs using your receiver and antenna, then go to those islands.

Only Balboa Island and the three nearby islands that share the same ecology are home to bears. In the first chapter of the story, this island serves as your last stop.

The Island of Balboa

Once you have arrived at the island of Balboa, disembark the raft while ensuring that you have at least three spears with you. You will need to explore the island, and if you see a bear while you’re there, you will need to spear it and kill it.

Get off the raft when you get to Balboa Island and start carrying three spears or more. You must saunter about the island and use your spear to hunt bears you come across.

Allowing a bear to charge you and then stabbing him with the spear as he gets near is an effective hunting strategy. Each bear you kill yields four leather, and it’s rather easy to complete this mission. It also provides raw meat, a bear skull, and leather.

Similar to that, you may track down a Warthog and kill it to get leather. Bringing a Warthog close to water is the quickest method to kill him. Then get close to the water’s edge and wait for the Warthog to attack.

Get into the water and wait for the Warthog to finish charging before engaging him in combat. He stops charging and becomes lost. Now is the time for you. Get the job done by stabbing him with your spear. You may also get the head and flesh by killing warthogs.

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