How to Get Scuba Fashion Pod in Slime Rancher

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How to Get Scuba Fashion Pod In Slime Rancher:- As you make your way through Slime Rancher 2, you will find and collect a variety of different materials. These materials will either assist you in upgrading your equipment or in taking care of your slimes. No matter what happens, the information and materials that you gather will be essential in some way.

Slime Science Resources are going to be necessary if you want to make any progress in the game of Slime Rancher. These peculiar things, which play a crucial role in the overall process, are required for the production of essential technology, decorative goods, and a great deal more. Over time, you will derive an incredible amount of benefit from them.

In Slime Rancher, Slime Science Resources serve as one of the most important components in the crafting system. They are required for the preparation of a wide variety of technology, utilities, and other products that fall under the categories of ornamental and technological goods.

How to Get Scuba Fashion Pod in Slime Rancher


How to Get Scuba Fashion Pod in Slime Rancher

The Curio gadget known as the Slime Stage is a player-created item that is crafted at The Lab using the fabricator. Within the game, it is referred to as the #1 Slime Stage.
As soon as The Lab has been purchased, the #1 Slime Stage blueprint can be purchased from the blueprint shop inside of The Lab for 3,500 Newbucks.

Scuba Fashion Pod Crafting Recipe

Item Craft recipe
Scuba Fashion Pod

How To use Scuba Fashion Pod in Slime Rancher

  • The #1 Slime Stage has the capacity to hold Slimes, Largo Slimes, and Tarr and maintain an on-display state for all three types.
  • Whenever they are in this state, their typical actions are replaced with a simple rotation in place for as long as the stage is in use.
  • They will return to their normal behaviour once the stage has been deactivated. Slimes have the ability to knock one another off the stage and can show respect or admiration to another slime while they are there. Slimes are always eliminated from the stage when they come into contact with the vacuum stream or when they are struck by resources; additionally, crystal slimes have the ability to leap off the platform.
  • Even while on the Slime Stage, Tarr will continue to despawn. During the time that you are on the Slime Stage, Puddle Slimes, Fire Slimes, and Quicksilver Slimes will not despawn.
  • Gold Slimes and Lucky Slimes will not despawn while they are on the Slime Stage; however, they may despawn almost immediately after being knocked off the slime stage. This behaviour is only applicable while the slimes are on the slime stage.
  • Plorts are a potential drop from Gold Slimes before they hop away and disappear from the game.

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