How to get the Helios Flare in God of War Ragnarok

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During Kratos’s travels through the Nine Realms in God of War: Ragnarok, he will have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of runic attacks and abilities. These give his weapons a tremendous amount of power and assist him in eliminating powerful foes and bosses in a short amount of time. One of these is the light runic attack known as the Helios Flare, which is used by the Blades of Chaos. In God of War Ragnarok, the following is the procedure that must be followed in order to acquire the Helios Flare for the Blades of Chaos.

How to get the Helios Flare in God of War Ragnarok

How to find the Helios Flare light runic attack in God of War Ragnarok

Vanaheim, more precisely to the west of the Abandoned Village, is where you’ll find the chest that contains the Helios Flare light runic attack. After you have vanquished Fiske, one of Odin’s most trusted lieutenants, continue along the road on the right side of the screen until you reach a location that has a crane. When you first approach the location, the box containing the Helios Flare will be on the same side of the ledges as you will be standing.

Because a pillar is in the way of the crane, you will have to take out the pillar before proceeding. In order to accomplish it, you will need to enter a cave that is located just underneath a tree and behind the crane. It is really difficult to miss the cave since it is shining. There is a chest in the cave that contains Hacksilver; thus, you should retrieve that while you wait. Destroy the pillar first so that you may move the crane once it has been moved. After that, swing over the gap with the Blades of Chaos as the Leviathan Axe is being used to spin the crane to the opposite side of your starting position.

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You will see the chest perched on the ledge on the opposite side. You will be able to get to the chest containing the Helios Flare if you rotate the crane once more and then swing across to the ledge.

Helios Flare has a 54-second cooldown and does one point of damage, two points of burn damage, and one point of stun damage. When you need to quickly eliminate adversaries with the Blades of Chaos, this assault is an excellent choice to make advantage of.

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