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How to Get Vine Goo in Raft?

In The Raft, crafting is very important, and Vine Goo is one of the primary materials for many of the craftables. Obtaining Vine Goo is one of the challenges players confront even though it is a regular necessity. We all need a refresher lesson on how to get Vine Goo and what it is used for now that The Raft’s new version 1.0 is out.

How to Get Vine Goo in Raft?

How to Get Vine Goo in Raft

Vine Goo is only sometimes found in crates, loot boxes, and underwater treasure chests around the islands. When you take into account the quantity of Vine Goo required for all of your crafts. It becomes quite evident that sticking only to Vine Goo looting won’t be an option. Consequently, to guarantee that you have a steady supply of Vine Goo. We highly suggest that you begin producing your own Vine Goo.

All you need to do to make some Vine Goo is buy some seaweed and put it in the smelter. You will then have everything you need. You will need one seaweed to produce one batch of vine goo. Planks are necessary even though they are not a necessary component in the production of vine goo since they must be placed in the smelter for it to operate correctly.

What is Vine Goo Used for in Raft?

Numerous objects may be made with vine goo. Vine Goo is required to make empty bottles that can hold fresh water. Circuit boards, oxygen tanks that enable you remain underwater for longer periods of time, and flippers that let you swim more quickly and to deeper seas are all things you’ll need later on in the game for creating.

These goods are essential since they provide you access to many late-game resources that you need to gather, such as iron, copper, and other materials. We advise you to begin stockpiling Vine Goo right now.

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