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How to get Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

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The anime-influenced sci-fi adventure game Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world MMORPG. Hotta Studio created it, and Level Infinite released it.

You may play Tower of Fantasy on your computer or mobile device anywhere in the globe (Android & iOS).

Players of the massive game Tower of Fantasy have the chance to uncover a plethora of treasures hidden around the world map. As you explore the globe, you’ll come across certain off-limits areas.

Behind these spots are buried treasures. You’ll need to find the key and enter the code to enter these locked areas.

There are several quests in Tower of Fantasy that must be completed to claim your rewards.

There are additional optional quests, stories, cutscenes, bosses, and more.

If you do well, the game may reward you with virtual goods.

In This Post you will get the How to get Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

How to get Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

In Short

  • Head over to the oil rig on the southern island in the Banges to complete Hyena’s Banges Base quest.
  • Speak to the Hyena Guard.
  • Choose “I’m here for the Hyenas Carnival.”
  • Select “Hyena Queen.”
  • Click on “This is the seventh Hyenas Carnival.”
  • Pick “The Heirs of Aida of course.”

After completing the dialogue, climb over the oil rig and speak to the Hyena Member to obtain the Voyager Engine. Players will need to give the member sizzling meat in exchange for the Voyager Engine.

Complete Detailed Guide

Cook Iced Strawberry Soda & Sizzling Meat

First, you need to cook Sizzling Meat and an Iced Strawberry Soda, as you will be needing them later.

The ingredients that you need to cook Iced Strawberry Soda are

  • 2 Strawberries,
  • 2 Honey, and
  • 11 Carbonated Water.

You will find strawberries on the northern portion of Raincaller Island and many other places. You can get honey too at many locations by simply attacking a bee hive. Then kill the swarm of bees that come out from the hive and then collect honey from the hive. Carbonated water can be purchased from the grocery vendor at Banges Docks.

Hyenas Banges Base Quest

Now you will need to complete the “Hyenas Banges Base” side quest. You get this quest by talking to the Hyena Guard on the small rig west of the Banges mainland as shown in the picture below. When talking to the guard, always select the first dialogue option to get the quest.

After talking to the guard, you will get the objective to “Look for clues to get inside Hyenas base”.

Now go to Banges Dock and talk to the Port Guard Lozwall as shown in the pictures below.

This will complete the objective.

Now go back to the quest giver and select the last option in all the chat options that you get.

This will complete the quest and you will get access to the secret Hyena Banges Base.

Enter the base and read “Hyena Classified Document” on the wall as shown in the picture below.

This will give you clue to enter another Hyena secret base.

How to get Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

Voyager Engine

Go to another rig on the northwest side of Navia as shown in the picture below.

How to get Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

Talk to the Hyena Guard at the base entrance and select the last option on all the dialogue options that you get.

This will give you access to this Hyena base.

Enter the base and go to the tallest platform.

Here you will find a Hyena Guarding a Supply Pod. Give a Sizzling Meat to the Hyena to gain access to the Supply Pod. Open the Supply Pod to get Voyager Engine.

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