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How to Switch Channel Lines In Tower of Fantasy

Last Updated on August 18, 2022 by Sam

Players may connect to Tower of Fantasy using its online servers. You may choose from 8 different channels on the servers to make your character. You are all divided by channel lines after you enter the channel itself.

The goal is to provide gamers with the best possible gaming experience. Despite using channel lines, only 30 players may be shown at once. The maximum allowed on mobile devices is 20.

For example, if hundreds of players converge on a global boss and all begin spamming their abilities at once, your device will overheat and likely conk out as you attempt to build up a basic skill animation.

With so much going on, the game would just collapse from the sheer volume of data being generated by all of the participants.

How to Switch Channel Lines In Tower of Fantasy

How can you change your Channel Lines in Tower of Fantasy?

  • Sign into your account and load into the game.
  • Select the Channel button, which is located just above the mini-map.
  • A new window called Thread Selection will open.
  • Changing the blue numbers on the Thread Selection window will allow you to change your Channel.
    • Channels can have any one-to-three digit number.
  • Once you enter the Channel number, click on OK.
  • Depending on the Channel of your choice, the change process can be delayed if there are other players waiting in the queue.

Once you know what specific line to go to, just tap or click the Channel line icon then a window will pop up giving you the option to switch channels.

Just input the channel line you want to switch to and you’re all set. Just be careful with the channel line input. Once you switch the channel line, it might take a while for you to switch again.

Players can only change Channels every 30 minutes. Due to the cooldown, it’s important to double-check the Channel you entered since you’ll be locked in it for a little while before you can do another switch.

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