[Updated] Land of Empires Best Heroes Tier List: November 2022

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Land of Empires: Immortal Hero Tier List 2022

Land of Empires Best Heroes Tier List: – This tier list is divided into three sections, i.e., Tier-S, Tier-S, and Tier-B. Each tier consists of players from different classes. However, you cannot always go with the same tier all the time. Things might differ based on the different playstyle of the players. Perhaps, this tier list is to give you an overall idea about where the players rank in Land of Empires: Immortal and how they can be used appropriately.

Land of Empires Best Heroes Tier List

Introducing the in-game Hero roles | Land of Empires Best Heroes Tier List

In this game, there are three roles, first, there is Infantry who usually leads troops and are in the front position, therefore this infantry has skills that can withstand damage from enemies. Then there is the Cavalry, this role is behind the infantry during the field battle to assist the attack, besides that this cavalry has skills that can do a lot of damage to the enemy as well. The third is Archer, this role is at the back because it usually has weak defense stats, so it is positioned at the back. Although weak, this archer is very good in attack, especially in long-range attacks because of his possible skills.

Best Meta Heroes for Land of Empires: Immortal in July 2022

Following the composition during battle, namely the balance between infantry, cavalry, and archer, and judging by the uniqueness of the skills it has and the contribution of damage, resistance and others, we recommend the following heroes:

Infantry Heroes

The infantry here is at the very front to withstand damage and lead the troops, so we choose a hero who has good resistance skills like Caesar, because it can reduce the damage received by -20% when solo and -4% when troops, and has control immunity. The second is Heracles, just like Caesar, he can reduce the damage received by -30%, more than Caesar, but he does not have Control Immunity.

Cavalry Heroes

Cavalry here is positioned in the middle to assist the attack because the damage it has is quite large. We chose Valkryie here because it can do damage to random enemies who have an area in front of you 10 times, this skill is very suitable for use when the enemy is in large numbers. The second is Nefertari because this hero has a unique skill, which is to give poison to the enemy for 6 seconds.

Archer Heroes

The Archer here is at the very back because it has the weakest resistance but has a large enough impact. We chose Cleopatra VII because it can deal damage to targets that form circles of medium size, besides that this hero has a skill that can be shackled for 2 seconds. The second is the Queen of Sheba, although this hero does not have a skill that can damage the enemy, but has a skill that can restore an ally’s HP, this is very useful when one of your heroes’ blood is running low.


This tier list contains the most powerful heroes from each class and is ranked based on their power and strength. However, depending on your strategy and game style, your requirements might vary.

In case you are not familiar with strategies and the game much, you can consider going with any of these tiers players. If you have already picked your favorite tier, let us know about it in the comments below.

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