In Hogwarts Legacy, potions are consumable objects that can be used to get a variety of boosts that can assist you in battle or in your exploration of the game world. Learn how to make potions and unlock them in the game, as well as the full list of potions, including their components and the effects they have, by consulting this article.

List of All Potions

Potion Ingredients Potion Type
Edurus Potion Ashwinder Eggs x1 and  Mongrel Fur x1 Defense
Felix Felicis Lacewing Flies x1 and Fluxweed Stem x1 Utility
Focus Potion Lacewing Flies x1, Fluxweed Stem x1 and Dugbog Tongue x1 Spell Recovery
Invisibility Potion Leaping Toadstool Caps x1, Knotgrass Sprig x1 and Troll Bogeys x1 Utility
Maxima Potion Leech Juice x1 and Spider Fang x1 Combat
Thunderbrew Leech Juice x1,  Shrivelfig Fruit x1 and Stench of the Dead x1 Combat
Wiggenweld Potion Horklump Juice x1 and Dittany Leaves x1 HP Recovery

How to Brew Potions

In the Room of Requirement, there is a station called the Potion Station where you can create potions. You will not be able to access the Room of Requirement’s Potion Station or the other amenities located there until you have made sufficient progress in the game.

Follow the Instructions

Follow the Instructions