[Updated] Lord Of Heroes Tier List: November 2022

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List of Lord Of Heroes Tier List 2022

As of today, we have listed all the available Tier List Of Lord Of Heroes. Listed All Skins are shown by list which is Tier S, A, B, C, D. Scroll Down and get all List.

Lord Of Heroes

New Best Tier List for Lord Of Heroes

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Lord of Heroes Tier List

Here is the ideal Lord Of Heroes tier list, created specifically to help you in managing a chaotic world filled with war and protect it from destruction.

S Tier Characters

The best heroes in the game. They are absolute beasts in most circumstances, especially if they’ve been leveled up consistently.

Hero Element Class
Alev Fire Striker
Aslan Earth Warrior
Johan Fire Cleric
Joshua Water Sniper
Krom Fire Warrior
Krom Water Guardian
Lairei Fire Warrior
Lairei Earth Striker
Lumie Water Warrior
Mei Ling Earth Striker
Mei Ling Light Sniper
Nine Earth Striker
Olivia Light Striker
Olivia Earth Sniper
Rosanna Drak Guardian
Schneider Water Striker
Vanessa Light Cleric
Walther Earth Guardian

A Tier Characters

It is seen that if you have characters from this tier, these heroes or characters can easily get you to the end game without any problem. Compared to the S Tier characters, they are not as powerful but they perform very well in the game and still are one of the best to have on your side.

Hero Element Class
Astrid Fire Striker
Fram Water Guardian
Helga Water Striker
Johan Light Warrior
Joshua Fire Striker
Laphlaes Earth Warrior
Laphlaes Fire Sniper
Mikhail Dark Sniper
Nine Water Warrior
Olivia Water Sniper
Rosanna Fire Striker
Vanessa Water Cleric

B Tier Characters

These are good heroes that would suffice through most of the game. You’ll need to augment them with better heroes to dominate the different events and difficult content though, so keep that in mind.

Hero Element Class
Charlotte Earth Cleric
Helga Dark Warrior
Lumie Earth Guardian
Schneider Fire Striker
Vanessa Fire Cleric

C Tier Characters

The characters from this Tier are known as average heroes and it is observed that players sometimes have a hard time clearing the end game content with them.

Hero Element Class
Alev Water Warrior
Astrid Water Warrior
Astrid Earth Sniper
Dhurahan Dark Warrior
Lucilicca Earth Strker

D Tier Characters

Heroes in this tier are less likely to have success in different facets of the game compared to those higher in the ranks.

Hero Element Class
Charlotte Water Cleric
Dhurahan Fire Warrior
Dhurahan Earth Guardian
Helga Fire Warrior
Lucilicca Water Sniper
Mei Ling Fire Sniper
Nine Dark Sniper
Schneider Earth Warrior
Zaira Fire Guardian

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