Monster Hunter: Sunbreak: Top Tips You Should Know About

Monster Hunter: Sunbreak: Top Tips You Should Know About

A release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak for PC and Nintendo Switch has been made. This much awaited addition adds fresh material to the game, including new missions, monsters, and other features. In addition, Elgado, a new home base, new characters, and the Master Rank mission rank are all available to players (MR).

We have included five useful tips and tactics to assist you in the early stages of your trip so that you may make the most of this DLC and delight in the quest in Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter: Sunbreak: Top Tips You Should Know About

Top Tips You Should Know About in Monster Hunter: Sunbreak

It’s natural that you won’t know much about Sunbreak in a day or two given the size of the expansion. Having said that, here are some of the best advice you should have a look at:

Earn a tonne of money

To fully build and improve your equipment in Sunbreak, you’ll need a lot of Zenny. While your numbers will increase, a steep price must be paid. Therefore, you should start saving all of your present funds and increase your farming. In Monster Hunter Rise, there are various methods to get Zenny rapidly, but the simplest one is to do fresh tasks and acquire the prize. At this point, you may want to play alone, particularly if you have a decent build, but keep in mind that if you play online, the reward will be distributed among the players that completed the objective.

The stuff you don’t use may also be sold to the merchant; you’ll be shocked at how much Zenny you can earn this way.

Learn to use the Switch Skill Swapping Feature.

Sunbreak introduces a new, interesting game mechanic called Switch Skill Swap. You can switch between two separate Switch Skills that you have established throughout a mission with this power. In other words, you may choose your Switch Skill while battling a monster rather than just before beginning a quest. You may change your playstyle in battle and switch many times in this manner without using up any Wirebug or Stamina.

You can also make use of the new Swap Evade mechanic, which lets you evade safely from any monster. To accomplish it, just hit the Space bar on a computer or the B button on a Nintendo Switch. Check out our Switch Skill Swap guide for more information.

Upgrade your equipment

You may create new Master Rank weapons in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. You will, however, forfeit all of your equipped Rampage Skills if you make them using Master Rank materials. However, because MR weapons contain spaces for Rampage Decorations, you may equip them to restore whatever Rampage Skill you have lost. These may be forged by going to the Smithy and choosing the Decorations option. Just remember that only weapons with certain slots may use them.

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, MR weapons have substantially better attack stats than those in the original game, which makes them very useful for tackling new monsters and harder objectives. Additionally, you may build new MR armour with improved defensive characteristics.

Gather everything.

Throughout your mission, as you explore each game region, you will come across a multitude of things to gather, including indigenous animals and flora. Pick up whatever you see since you can always sell it if you don’t need it or utilise it. In particular, honey is quite helpful since it can be utilised to create Mega Potions if you also have access to normal Potions. You may wish to have a lot of additional resources in your inventory since you need them to construct and upgrade weapons and armour, such as Dragonite and Machalite ores.

Eat something before beginning a quest.

Monster Hunter: Sunbreak: Top Tips You Should Know About

We highly advise having a meal before beginning a mission in the basic game. Along with a terrific health and stamina increase, Dango will provide you some fantastic benefits. Additionally, you have the option of Hopping Skewers or Normal Skewers in Sunbreak. The skill level and the likelihood that a Dango Skill will activate also fluctuate when choosing one particular skewer over the other. For Levels 1 through 4, several skill levels exist.

In contrast to Hopping Skewers, which provide potentially higher prizes but have lower activation odds, Normal Skewers maintain an active Dango Skill at Level 2 and constitute a solid option. Depending on your preferred playing style, you are able to select between the two.

You may wish to read our Sunbreak preparation guide before beginning this new expansion. Additionally, keep a watch out for upcoming new how-tos!

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