How to unlock Cooking in One Piece Odyssey

by Sam

If you want to escape from Wayford Island in One Piece Odyssey, you’ll need to prepare a lot of food and make a lot of stuff to take with you. The following is a walkthrough of the game’s materials and the locations in which they can be located, organized by zone: You can collect materials from the ground, from within breakable objects like barrels, and from the tops of constructions that you can climb on.

How to unlock Cooking

To be able to learn how to cook, you will first need to complete Chapter 2 and then go to the Spice Bean Tavern, which can be found in Nanohana Harbor. Completing Chapter 2 will unlock Cooking. In order to proceed with the main tale, you will need to finish the task “Bring the Soup to the Chef,” which can be found in Chapter 2.

You will now have a conversation with the cook at the tavern and suggest to them that you would want to make something. This will initiate a brief cutscene, which will then lead to a fight between Sanji and the Cook. You will require both Sandy Shells and Scorpion Legs to complete this task. After locating these goods, you are free to engage in combat. However, make sure you return to the Spicy Bean Tavern and chat with the cook there to enable cooking. Only after doing so will you be able to cook.

In Chapter 2, your options for cooking are quite restricted; but, towards the conclusion of Chapter 3, you will have access to the cooking talents of Level 2, and you will be able to advance toward Level 3 as the game progresses.

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