List Of All Ingredients in ne Piece Odyssey

by Sam

If you want to escape from Wayford Island in One Piece Odyssey, you’ll need to prepare a lot of food and make a lot of stuff to take with you. The following is a walkthrough of the game’s materials and the locations in which they can be located, organized by zone: You can collect materials from the ground, from within breakable objects like barrels, and from the tops of constructions that you can climb on.

You can prepare meals using recipes you are familiar with by installing Sanji’s Kitchen at a campsite or by going to a nearby Tavern (they are scattered throughout the One Piece Odyssey world). If you wish to get both of the One Piece Odyssey Achievements, you will need to make sure that all of the recipes are accessible to you.

List Of All Ingredients

Angel Seed Wayford South
Bedrock Sald Great Sandy Desert
Bedrock Salt Nanohana
Bedrock Salt Wayford South
Blue Brick Nanohana
Blue Peppercorn Nanohana
Blue Peppercorn Wayford South
Bo Bo Bird Egg Desert Near Nanohana
Burning Tail Feather Desert Near Nanohana
Burning Tail Feather Nanohana
Burning Tail Feather Wayford South
Chunk of Meat Nanohana
Corn Stalk Desert Near Nanohana
Corn Stalk Nanohana
Corn Stalk Wayford South
Cracked Herb Nanohana
Cracked Herb Wayford South
Dark Shroom Wayford South
Desert Tomato Desert Near Nanohana
Desert Tomato Nanohana
Devil’s Tounge Nanohana
Electric Scallop Wayford South
Expensive Perfume Nanohana
Expensive Perfume Wayford South
Fragrant Herb Great Sandy Desert
Fragrant Herb Nanohana
Fragrant Herb Wayford South
Frozen Dung Wayford South
Gator Banana Wayford South
Gator Melon Great Sandy Desert
Gator Strawberry Great Sand Desert
Gator Strawberry Wayford South
Generic Perfume Desert Near Nanohana
Generic Perfume Great Sandy Desert
Generic Perfume Nanohana
Golden Bat Wing Wayford South
Gondola Shroom Wayford South
Hollow Shroom Nanohana
Hollow Shroom Wayford South
Husk Herb Nanohana
Husk Herb Wayford South
Inverse Horn Nanohana
Inverse Horn Wayford South
Jelly Rock Wayford South
Junk Desert Near Nanohana
Junk Great Sandy Desert
Junk Wayford South
Large Jura Bird Egg Great Sandy Desert
Light Fang Nanohana
Light Fang Wayford South
Lost Petal Wayford South
Negative Seed Great Sandy Desert
Negative Seed Wayford South
Nimbus Spider Desert Near Nanohana
Nimbus Spider Great Sandy Desert
Nimbus Spider Wayford South
Ogre Onion Nanohana
Ogre Onion Wayford South
Old Leaf Wayford South
Orb Onion Desert Near Nanohana
Orb Onion Nanohana
Orb Onion Wayford South
Panic Stone Wayford South
Poison Burr Chestnut Desert Near Nanohana
Poison Burr Chestnut Great Sandy Desert
Poison Burr Chestnut Nanohana
Poison Burr Chestnut Wayford South
Pop Cream Nanohana
Powder Wheat Great Sandy Desert
Powder Wheat Nanohana
Powder Wheat Wayford South
Red Scorpion Great Sandy Desert
Red Scorpion Nanohana
Red Scorpion Wayford South
Sandy Shell Nanohana
Simple Pasta Nanohana
Smoke Scale Desert Near Nanohana
Smooth Shroom Great Sandy Desert
Soft Horn Nanohana
Soft Horn Wayford South
Thorny Shroom Nanohana
Thorny Shroom Wayford South
Trace Sugar Nanohana
Trace Sugar Great Sandy Desert
Trace Sugar Wayford South
Tree Melon Wayford South
Unlucky Herb Great Sandy Desert
Unlucky Herb Wayford South
Vinegar Flower Desert Near Nanohana
Vinegar Flower Nanohana
Vinegar Flower Wayford South
Viper Herb Wayford South