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One of the main characters in the anime series One Piece Odyssey, Nami is a member of the pirate crew known as the “Straw Hat Pirates.” Within the Pirate Crew, she is the member that has the most expertise in predicting the weather. She is the leader of the pirate group thanks to her knowledge of navigation. After making their way to the Mysterious Island at the beginning of the game, players will have to figure out how to unlock Mani in order to interact with him.

In this walkthrough, we will discuss the Mani Character from the One Piece Odyssey video game series.

Nami Basic Information

Nami is one of the starting characters in One Piece Odyssey. Players will unlock it in the Prologue of the game by completing the quest “Rescue Nami from the Beast”. Other Basic information about Nami is the following.

Base Level LEVEL 1

Nami Stats

The Basic Stats of Nami at the Base Level are the following.

HP 280
TP 230
ATK 75
DEF 38

Nami ATK Type Resistances

Nami’s resistances against the Skills Attack of the enemies are the following.

  • Power: -50
  • Technique: 50
  • Speed: 25

Nami Status Resistances

Nami’s resistances against the element Attacks of the enemies are the following.

Burn -15
Freeze -30
Lightning 50
Sleep 0
Faint 0
Paralyze 0
Poison 0
Confuse 0
Charm 75
Illusion 0

Nami All Field Skills

Nami all Field Skills that can be used in the environment are the following.

Field Skill Action
Knock It destroys objects like Pots, Boxes, and Barrels.
Treasure Sensor It is used to detect treasure items.

Nami All Battle Skills

Nami all Battle Skills that can be used during the battle are the following.

Battle Skill Action
Thief It is a SPEED Type Attack. It consumes 10 TP. Stealthily steal berries without drawing attention.
Cyclone Tempo It is a SPEED Type Attack. It consumes 20 TP. Buffets target with a strong air current generated by hot and cold air.
Mirage Tempo It is a SPEED Type Attack. It consumes 25 TP. Creates a mirage from the heat difference due to cold air. It lets ally evade an attack.
Thunderbolt Tempo It is a SPEED and LIGHTNING Type Attack. It consumes 70 TP. Generates a Lightning Bolt from Cloud and strike it on target. It paralyzes target.
Swing Arm It is a SPEED and LIGHTNING Type Attack. It consumes 60 TP. Sends out electricity with her charged Climate Baton. It paralyzes target.
Happiness Punch It is a SPEED Type Attack. It consumes 50 TP. Seductive move exposing her shimmering limbs. Charms the target.
Mirage Tempo Fata Morgana It is a SPEED Type Attack. It consumes 80 TP. Bends light to create a clone. Enchants and confuses target.
Thunder Lance Tempo It is a SPEED and LIGHTNING Type Attack. It consumes 150 TP. Shoots a piercing lightning bolt from the storm cloud she generates. Paralyzes target.

Nami All Trophies and Achievements

Nami all Trophies and Achievements are the following.

Trophy How to Achieve
Cube Collector: Nami Collect 30 Nami’s Cube Fragments.
Treasure Sensor Collect 25 Items with Treasure Sensor Field Skill.

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