The second place you’ll go in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Peaceful Meadow. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Peaceful Meadow. It will tell you about the animals and people you can meet there, the materials you can find by foraging and mining, the quests you can start, and much more.

How to Unlock the Peaceful Meadow

After moving the rocks that are in the way of the path, the Peaceful Meadow will become available for exploration. You will need the Pickaxe, which can be acquired by completing the quest The Royal Tools.

Fishing Spots

The Peaceful Meadow is home to two ponds, each of which offers anglers access to a variety of fishing spots.

WALL-E’s Garden

There’s a building plot in this biome where a Garden can be unlocked during a friendship quest with WALL-E. The quest is called Village Project: The Garden and requires WALL-E Level 2.

Once unlocked, it will provide vegetables periodically at no cost, which can be very helpful for early game cooking and income without needing to plant and grow crops.

Goofy’s Stall

Stage Upgrade Cost Seed Unlocks Seed Price
Initial Repair Free  Lettuce Seed  3
Upgrade 1  800  Wheat Seed  1
Upgrade 2  1,000  Carrot Seed  10


Hazard Clear Using Requires
Large Rock Pickaxe Merlin’s quest The Royal Tools
Tree Stump Shovel Level 2 Anna’s quest An Icy Invitation
Small Mushroom Patch Royal Watering Can Level 2 Merlin’s quest A Dark Experiment ( Merlin Level 8)
Large Mushroom Patch Royal Watering Can Level 3 Merlin’s quest The Final Trial ( Merlin Level 10)

All Fish Caught in Peaceful Meadow

There are five different fish types that can be caught in the Peaceful Meadow.

Name Ripples Sell Price Energy
Bass None  25 150
Bream Blue  600 1,300
Catfish Gold  550 1,200
Rainbow Trout White  50 300
Seaweed None  20 25


Name Sell Price
Softwood  5
Banana  29
Raspberry  21
Basil  25


Name Sell Price
Green Rising Penstemon  35
Purple Rising Penstemon  25
Red Daisy  48
White Daisy  25
Yellow Daisy  20


Name Sell Price
Soil  3


Name Sell Price
Stone  2
Coal Ore  5
Garnet  160
Shiny Garnet  640
Peridot  200
Shiny Peridot  800


Rabbits are the critter type in this biome. Their favorite food is Carrot, and they also like Lettuce. To feed them allow them to approach you, and then follow them around. After following them long enough they’ll stop to accept food.

Name Favorite Food Liked Food
Black Rabbit  Carrot  Lettuce
Brown Rabbit  Carrot  Lettuce
Calico Rabbit  Carrot  Lettuce
Classic Rabbit  Carrot  Lettuce
White Rabbit  Carrot  Lettuce