In Disney Dreamlight Valley, your adventure begins in the Plaza, which is also the location where you meet the game’s first characters and learn about the plot. Despite the fact that you are in a tutorial area, there are still plenty of things for you to investigate, including important shops, mining, and gardening. Additionally, this is the location from which you will gain access to the castle.

This location guide will detail everything you need to know about the Plaza, including the Characters and Critters you’ll find when roaming the area, the materials that you can discover foraging and mining, the Quests that can be unlocked, and much more. The guide will also detail the materials that can be discovered foraging and mining.

Wishing Well

The Plaza Wishing Well is unlocked automatically. Once the Wishing Well in the Peaceful Meadow has been unlocked, it provides fast travel teleportation using the map.

Dream Castle

The Dream Castle is located directly beside the Wishing Well. Once accessed it connects to Realms where more characters can be encountered, and invited to the Valley.


Hazard Clear Using Requires
Large Rock Pickaxe Merlin’s quest The Royal Tools
Tree Stump Shovel Level 2 Anna’s quest An Icy Invitation


Squirrels are the critter type in this biome. Their favorite food is Peanuts, and they also like Apples.

To feed them approach them and interact, if the squirrel wants food it won’t run away.

Name Favorite Food Liked Food
Black Squirrel  Peanut  Apple
Classic Squirrel  Peanut  Apple
Gray Squirrel  Peanut  Apple
Red Squirrel  Peanut  Apple
White Squirrel  Peanut  Apple



There are no pools of water to fish in this biome.


Name Sell Price
Softwood  5
Apple  25
Raspberry  21
Oregano  20

Limited Time Foraging

Name Availability Sell Price
Green Candy October 24th – October 31st 2022  22
Red Candy October 24th – October 31st 2022  22
Purple Candy October 24th – October 31st 2022  22
Festive Wrapping Paper After December 18, 2022


Name Sell Price
Blue Falling Penstemon  23
Dandelion  23
Purple Falling Penstemon  23
Red Falling Penstemon  18
White & Pink Falling Penstemon  41


Name Sell Price
Soil  3


Name Sell Price
Stone  2
Coal Ore  5
Garnet  160
Shiny Garnet  640
Topaz  240
Shiny Topaz  960
Onyx  300