Post Lockdown badge In NBA 2k23 and Boost Explained

by Emilia

Post Lockdown badge In NBA 2k23 and Boost Explained:- NBA 2K23 has unveiled a wide-sweeping set of gameplay changes that it is planning to implement. But, one of the biggest changes comes in the form of the selection of NBA 2K23 badges.

These badges within MyCareer and MyTeam are seeing some fairly big changes with a number of alterations to existing badges. And, on top of that, around a dozen badges have actually been removed from NBA 2K23 entirely, as they didn’t fit the new gameplay outline 2K are aiming for with this year’s game.

So, if you want a brief overview of the NBA 2K23 badges before you step onto the court in MyPlayer or build a team in MyTeam, this article is where you want to be as we will cover each one.

Post Lockdown badge In NBA 2k23 and Boost Explained


Post Lockdown badge In NBA 2k23 and Boost Explained

Boosts:- Strengthens a player’s ability to effectively defend moves in the post, with an increased chance at stripping the opponent. (Tier 1)

Budge Information

  • Name: Post Move Lockdown
  • Description: Improves the defender’s ability to defend post moves. Increases the chances of a defender preventing an offensive post move from succeeding.
  • Controls: Post Push: Hold LT / L2 to engage in the post. Move Left Stick toward the offensive player.
  • Skill(s): Defense
  • Type: Defense / Rebounding Badge
  • Notable NBA Players w/This Badge on HOF: Alonzo Mourning, Kevin Garnett, Rudy Gobert, + more.

That covers what we know about the NBA 2K23 badges that will appear in MyPlayer. Stay tuned for more guides as we approach the game’s launch and check out current predictions for the NBA 2K23 ratings and the NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenges which are back for this year’s games.

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