Raft: Electric Purifier | How to Use, Get

Raft: Electric Purifier | How to Use, Get

Finding the Blueprint: Electric Purifier, which can be discovered in Tangaroa’s Plantation district, is necessary for creating an electric purifier.

Other than changing the battery when it runs out, the player doesn’t need to manually operate the Electric Purifier to purify water. The Electric Purifier, in contrast to the Simple Purifier and the Advanced Purifier, needs a water-level hole for its hose to pass through. Once it is set up and energised, it will begin drawing salt water and filling its tank with pure water. It may be linked to water pipes to create a sprinkler system that is more automated and simply needs battery changes since the sprinklers automatically replenish themselves. Water from the foundation level can only be pumped eight storeys up by the electric purifier.

The inbuilt water tank, which can contain 15 cups of fresh water—exactly enough to fill three empty bottles—fills entirely in 80 seconds. The integrated water tank can be filled five times with a fully charged battery, which equates to 75 water charges.

Raft: Electric Purifier | How to Use, Get

How to Get Electric Purifier In Raft

To Make Advance Purifier You Need Following Items to make one Purifier.

  • Titanium Ingot 4x
  • Circuit Board 1x
  • Plastic 20x
  • Scrap 5x

How to Use Electric Purifier in Raft

  • Sucks up and purifies seawater as long as it’s powered.
  • Can be connected to a Water Tank.
  • Can be painted any colour with the Paint Brush.

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