Axelot Games is the publisher of the Survival Game known as Raft, which was developed by Redbeet Interactive.

Your objective is to make it through an exciting journey over a dangerous sea, whether you do it by yourself or with some pals. Collect debris to improve your chances of survival, make your raft bigger, and watch out for the perils of the water!

The players awaken on a big, blue ocean completely alone with no shore in sight, trapped on a little raft with nothing but an old hook made of plastic. It will not be easy to survive with a parched throat and an empty stomach, but there are small glimmers of hope: deserted communities and messages left behind hint that there may yet be someone else out there.

Players will have to use their trusty hook to collect any debris that is floating in the water and, when it is possible, plunder the reefs that are buried beneath the waves. On the other hand, hunger and thirst are not the only risks you face in the water… Watch out for the man-eating shark that is hellbent on putting an end to your trip!

You and your buddies will embark on an epic journey out on the broad water in Raft, with the goal being to survive, collect materials, and construct a raft that is worthy of being your home. And who knows? Perhaps you will have a role to play in the eventual rescue of the human race.

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Raft Chapters and Walkthrough Guides

  • Chapter 1 – The Radio Tower
  • Chapter 2 – Vasagatan
  • Chapter 3 – Balboa Island
  • Chapter 4 – Caravan Town
  • Chapter 5 – Tangaroa
  • Chapter 6 – Varuna Point
  • Chapter 7 – Temperance
  • Chapter 8 – Utopia (In Progress)