There is a location within the game referred to as The Dream Castle, and it appears to have thirty doors that are locked. Each door leads to a different world, which is referred to as a Realm. Each realm was derived from one of Disney and Pixar’s many well-known franchises, and both companies are responsible for their creation. Since Disney Dreamlight Valley was made available to players in early access, four new realms have been added to the game for them to discover and adventure through. The worlds of Frozen, Ratatouille, Moana, and Wall-E are among these, and a fifth Toy Story Realm is scheduled to be added in the fall of 2022. The following realms have been ranked according to how engaging and charming they are as well as how high quality they are overall.

Realm Doors

Realm Unlock Cost Realm Quests Characters
WALL-E Realm  3,000 The Shy Little Robot  WALL-E
Moana Realm  3,000 After the Storm • The Great Maui • How Far You’ll Go • A Feast Worthy Of A Demigod  Moana
Ratatouille Realm  3,000 An Important Night at the Restaurant  Remy
Frozen Realm  4,000 The Spirits Of Nature • Chasing The Wind • Welcoming Anna • Welcoming Elsa  Anna
Toy Story Realm  7,000 A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space • You’re My Favorite Deputy  Woody
 Buzz Lightyear