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Valheim Starter Guide

If you want to have the most fun possible in the afterlife as a Viking, our Valheim Starter Guide is here to help you get started on your journey. You have been assigned by Odin with vanquishing massive and scary monsters in this weird new realm, and in order to do this mission, you will need the appropriate tools as well as the appropriate knowledge. Let’s get started!

Getting Started

You’ll need to spend some time developing your character before you can even begin playing the game. You have the option of playing as either a male or a woman throughout the game. From that point on, you’ll have access to a selection of haircuts, as well as controls for adjusting your skin tone and hair color. You also have a selection of fashionable beards to select from if the gender of your character is male. First, give your protagonist a name, and only then will you go to the following stage.

Following this, you will be tasked with the creation of your very first universe. You will be required to give the world a name, and you will also have the option of providing a “seed,” which is a code that will govern how the world is formed. If you choose to do so, the name you give the world will appear in-game. You could do some research on the internet to find some seeds, but it is just as simple to leave everything as it is and dive straight in.

Your First Day in Valheim

Because the goal of this Valheim Starter Guide is to both ensure that you make it through the game unscathed and familiarize you with the game’s fundamentals, we are going to begin with the very basics. Your corpse is transported by a monstrous raven to a shrine deep within the woods. Hugin, a lesser raven, will introduce himself to you. In the beginning, he won’t do much more than offer you a few hints here and there, but you’ll recognize him immediately.

On the first day of your new job, it is now time to get going. By the time the light goes down, you should have a few fundamental tools, some food, a workbench, a campfire, and a bed, provided that you have done everything correctly and have some luck on your side.

Gather Some Food

After that, it is going to be necessary for you to acquire some Food. There is no need to be concerned about hunting animals just yet. Explore your surroundings in search of red mushrooms and raspberries. Mark the spots on your Map as you discover them; they will reappear at a later time. Meanwhile, try to gather as much food as you can. It is necessary to have a wide range of Food; but, before we can explain why this is the case, we will need to review the fundamentals of how Food works.

In a normal situation, the most health points you can have is 25. Consuming Food will grant you the ability to raise this limit. For example, a Raspberry might only grant you ten additional health points. However, if you consume a piece of cooked boar meat, it may grant you 25 more hit points.

You are limited to eating a maximum of three distinct sorts of food, each of which confers a unique set of rewards on your character. You are only allowed to have one Raspberry at a time; but, if you wish to see more increases in your HP, you will need to consume a wider variety of foods. You will have a better chance of achieving your objective if you consume one or two distinct types of meat, mushrooms, or even honey. You should also make sure that you have some more pieces of Food on available in case you either lose the fight and need to start over or run out of food during the fight.

The pursuit of animals presents a greater degree of difficulty, yet it is by no means impossible. The deer will run away when they see you, but the wild boars may charge at you. You should always strive to defeat and kill Boars, as you will require the Leather Scraps that they drop at a later point in the game.

Gather Stone and More Wood to Make Your First Tools

Stone and additional wood need to be gathered as the next item on the list for Day 1. Through the Crafting option found in your Inventory, you can construct your first Axe and first Hammer, but you will need these resources to do so. In order to construct a base with just the minimal essentials, you will require additional wood.

To acquire wood, one need only cut down trees; acquiring stone, on the other hand, may prove more difficult. You’ll need to search the ground for little rocks of various sizes. Flint is not the same thing as Stone; stone is a whole other item that won’t become useful to you until several hours after you begin the game. Stone is frequently located on the vertical faces of cliffs, so keep an eye out for it if you become trapped.

On the first day, you should focus on gathering a total of 30–40 pieces of wood and 15–20 stone. Once you have what you consider to be a sufficient amount of resources, you can use the “Crafting” menu found in your Inventory to make your first Axe and first Hammer.