[Updated] Valor Legends Tier List: November 2022

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The top heroes in Valor Legends Eternity are listed on the tier list. In Valor Legends Eternity, each hero has a specialty, but the one you choose to utilise will depend on your circumstances, objectives, and level of advancement. The finest heroes in Valor Legends Eternity to invest in are those that will give you the most return on your time and money. For free-to-play and novice players who will have a limited amount of cash to spend in their heroes, the Valor Legends Eternity tier list is essential.
In order to achieve fair rankings, the Valor Legends Eternity tier list is produced utilising premium accounts in top condition. All sorts of players may play it. It is hard to make a tier list that is 100 percent flawless since there are always some random elements that we cannot control, such as synergy, chance, buffs, and debuffs.
The tier list is thus contested, but it doesn’t imply you shouldn’t adhere to it. The finest heroes in Valor Legends Eternity will be included in the tier so you can get the most for your money.

List of Hero Exorcist in Island Tier List 2022

As of today, we have listed all the available Tier List Of Exorcist in Island. Listed All Skins are shown by list which is Tier S, A, B, C, D. Scroll Down and get all List.

Valor Legends Tier List

New Best Tier List for Exorcist in Island

Different Classes of Valor Legends

Valor Legends consists of five different classes and each of the classes plays a certain role on the battlefield:

  • Warriors classes are the Tanks that are mainly responsible for taking damage, shielding other heroes as well as dealing damage to the enemy.
  • Assassin classes are Melee DPS heroes who target the enemies located at the far end of the enemy’s field.
  • Ranger classes are high in damage as they are Ranged DPS heroes who can deal damage from afar but they are vulnerable to Assassins.
  • Mage classes deal considerable damage as they are Caster DPS heroes who can attack from mid to short range.
  • Priest classes are Healers who have small attack power but support the team.

Valor Legends Hero Tier List (Based on Classes)

However, you might want a specially catered type of Tier list based on their classes. Fret not, we got you covered in that sector as well! Overall for all classes, the tier lists are as follows:

Assassin Ramiel, Garr
Mage Yulvyin, Oche, Sinclair
Priest Lucia, Margaret, Olivia, Flora, Suvere
Ranger Telwihr, Sellier, Felix
Warrior Lionel, Eric, Cardelin

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