Wacky Wizards is a Roblox game where you explore the land in search of ingredients that you then mix in a cauldron to brew different potions. The potions are then drunk, and their effects depending on the type and ingredients will transform you into another character. The game has over 500+ different potions you can create. Take a look at our guide to find out everything you need to know about Wacky Wizards.

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In the roblox Wacky Wizards game there are lots of ingredients and crafting recipes. Around 500+ Recipes of Potions. If you want to guide of all this recipes you can follow list of get information about all the list.

List of All Premium Potions in Wacky Wizards

List of All Free Potion in Wacky Wizards

List Of all Ingredients in Wacky Wizards

Finding Ingredients

Brain Alien Parasite Void Star
Rotten Sandwich Disco Ball Axolotl
Fairy 2021 Pumpkin Fedora
Giant’s Ear Undead Mariofly5’s Mask
Giraffe Hoof Ghost Manu
Pool Noodle Corn GhostHunter Gear
Dynamite Walking Cane Oz’s Wallet
Bird Sleepy Bee Superhero Cape
Chameleon Cleetus’ Hat Cow Head
Fish Jandel’s Head Frozen Egg
Spider Foryxe’s Head Hat of Gears
Chilli Premium Salad Zeus’ Beard
Beans Sketch Magic Seed
Robux Jayingee Wheel
Witch’s Brew Cyclops Eye Mount
Boxing Gloves Justin Mr. Cauldron
Pet Tags KSI Airstrike
Honey Kaden Anime Sword of Destiny
Eggcano Nexure’s Head Carrot
Frog Nomer’s Glasses Gingerbread Man
Gun Cloud

Free Potions

Potion Name
Speedy potion BRAINS-punch Potion Eyeyyyy potion Pet-leg potion Aussie-gravity potion Paintgun-purple potion
Squirting potion Kaboom Potion Legs potion Pirate-pistol potion British-tea potion Paintgun-rainbow potion
Noodley potion BEANOCK Potion Neon potion Squid-friend potion Sandwich-morph potion Paintgun-red potion
Tiny potion KnockPunch Potion Zero-gravity potion Pirate-sword potion Slenderrr potion Paintgun-yellow potion
Flounder potion Noodle combo potion Dna-scramble potion Pirate-skeleton potion Sans-rider potion Paintbrush-sword potion
Floating potion Spahetti potion Alien-clone potion Treasure-bomb potion Sparkler-head potion Paintbrush-arms potion
Explosive potion Firey-arms potion Alien-eruption potion Treasure-poop potion Corn-arms potion Paint-grenade potion
Zombie potion Big-arms potion Alien-baby potion Tumble-weed potion Corn-legs potion Green-paint-grenade potion
Warty potion Neon potion Alien potion Moo-head potion Explosive-vomit potion Orange-paint-grenade potion
Camouflage potion Beanrms potion Nexure potion Cow-bee potion Flying-eye potion Purple-paint-grenade potion
Giant potion Broom potion Nomer potion Cowboy-boots potion Sunburn potion Rainbow-paint-grenade potion
Hot potion Fancy zombie potion Void star potion Cowboy-hat potion Revive-player potion Red-paint-grenade potion
Beany Potion Lanky potion Long-bee potion Cowboy-sheriff potion Old potion Yellow-paint-grenade potion
Jandel potion Spiderman potion Gill potion Golden-morph potion Builders-club-hat potion Paint-bucket-head potion
Foryxe potion Flame-rolling potion Axolotl potion Horse-poo potion Flamingo-gf potion Paint-bucket potion
Cleetus potion Letss-goooo potion Flying-bean potion Pickaxe potion Builderman potion Jellybean potion
Identity theft potion Poisoonn potion Fedora potion Powderkeg-bomb potion Domino-crown potion Jelly-thrower potion
Unresolved size potion Headless potion Mariofly potion Prariedog-morph potion Old-vision potion Jelly-grenade potion
Enlarged head potion Long Rat potion Discoman potion Cowboy-revolver potion Dog-vision potion Jelly-walk potion
Tiny head potion Oink potion FIRE MUH LASER potion Robber-mask potion Ninja-mask-of-awesome potion Jelly-poop potion
Tall potion Trunk potion Techno-viking potion Wild-west-star potion Guest potion Jelly-rain potion
Shrink ray potion Creepy-crawly potion Confetti-cannon potion Leprechaun potion Studded-brick potion Green-paint-gun potion
Leg day potion Lizard potion Neon-Body potion St-patrick bee Old-movie-vision potion Cake potion
Wide load potion Ssssssssssssssssss potion Disco-head potion Irish-step-dance potion Clash-sword potion Cake-bee potion
Iron potion Magical potion Disco-body potion Irish-Fairy potion Winged-bean potion Cake-boxing-gloves potion
Long neck potion New zealand potion Confettiplosion potion Harp potion Throw-tix potion Cake-poo potion
Centipede potion New zealand potion Tail Potion Top-hat potion Old-glinda potion Candle-arms potion
Digging potion Armed potion Afro potion Irish-sword potion Old-oz potion Candle-legs potion
Rocket potion Bee disguise potion Rainfro potion Irish-vision potion Turkey potion Candle potion
Bald potion Honey potion Pet frog potion Marshmallow-morph potion Turkey-dinner potion Cake-growths potion
Fire walking potion Onett potion Disco-grenade potion Marshmallow-poop potion Turkey-arms potion Match-sword potion
Fire breathing potion Buzzing potion Speaker potion Lucky-cereal-morph potion Turkey-legs potion Taco potion
Swim potion Rushhh potion Slinky potion Lucky-gloves potions Cornucopia-shoes potion Taco-gun potion
Mermaid potion Honeymelt potion Pumpkin-head potion Lucky-bomb potion Turkey-poop potion Burrito potion
Puffed potion Sweet-arms potion Headless-horse potion Rainbow-gun potion Potato-musket potion Sombrero potion
Octo potion Rainbow-body potion Jackbomb potion NFT-morph potion Turkey-dance potion Taco-bee potion
Air jumper potion Buzz potion San potion Bot-bee potion Potato-grenade potion Taco-poo potion
Bang potion Queenly potion Skelly potion Gem-poo potion Turkey-bow potion Tostada-ufo potion
Ticking potion Buzzy head potion Dave potion Castle-gun potion Fez potion Smoothie potion
Bouncy potion Fire farting potion Broomed potion Gem-grenade potion Pet-turkey potion Summer-bee potion
Firework potion Hot-noodles potion Pumoodle potion Breathe-fire potion Pie-bee potion Sunglasses potion
Exploding squirts potion Hot-noodles potion Skull-Arms potion Robot-gloves potion Turkey-leg-club potion Duck-floatie potion
Popping potion Cloneboom potion Pump-legs potion Gem-levitation potion Turkey-Rex potion Sunscreen potion
Speckled potion Flash potion Handed Head potion Robot-arms potion Snowball-morph potion Summer-gun potion
Ragdoll potion Exploding-bee potion Youkin potion Robot-legs potion Santa potion Sunglass-vision potion
Limp potion Fireball potion Pump-gloves potion Knight-morph potion Xmas-bee potion Umbrella potion
Slowing hoof potion Flaming-skin potion Sweet-shot potion Nft-rain potion Xmas-spine potion Watermelon-ball potion
Giant squirts potion Ssssssssssssss potion Candy-poop potion Sky-girl potion Ginger-arms potion Pool-floaties potion
Cloning farts potion Hot-rich potion Skeleton-spine potion Robo-giant potion Ginger-legs potion Orb potion
Buirts potion Steamy potion RIP potion Sky-pirate potion Grinch potion Fly-orb potion
Invisible potion Melty potion Skeleton arms potion Kite potion Skis potion Orb-grenade potion
Invisible potion Firebee potion Frankenstein potion Egg potion Present-grenade potion Orb-head potion
Legged potion Cano potion Giant-cyclops potion Egg-morph potion Present-poop potion Rollin-orb potion
Minions potion Boxing potion Bone-gloves potion Egg-grenade potion Present-gloves potion Orb-arms potion
Ghostly potion Sticky-arms potion Skull potion Duck-friends potion Present potion Orb-poop potion
Banana potion Glowing potion Zombie-fish potion Bunny-ears potion Giant-snowball potion Orbiting-orbs potion
Loong head potion Ksi potion Mr-Explosion potion Chocomelt potion Present-bomb potion Silver-paintgun potion
High-heel potion Blood-sucking potion Skeleton wings potion Easter-bunny potion Carrot potion Banana-split potion
Doppleganger potion Potion-arms potion Skull-legs potion Easter-bee potion Potato-head potion Popsicle-arms potion
Headwards potion How did u find this? potion Demon-girl potion Bunny-pjs potion Mrs-potato-head potion Icecream-bee potion
Upside down potion Fumblebottom potion Pet-pumpkin potion Egg-camo potion Celery-legs potion Brain-freeze potion
Wizard potion Jellyfish potion Bone-bow potion Egg-gun Celery-arms potion Popsicle-legs potion
Heatseeking potion Bouncy-body potion Fire-spine potion Evil-bunny Bunny potion Icecream-poo potion
Sally potion Sweetball potion Manublox potion Peep-morph potion Carrot-eyes potion Icecream-sandwich potion
Nuclear potion Creepy hands potion Zom-bee potion Egg-poop potion Sad-onion potion Snow-cone potion
Levitate potion Bean-man potion Ghostbuster-equipment potion Bunny-legs potion Eggplant-morph potion Waffle-cone potion
Skinny potion Frog potion Levitation potion Rocket Fuel potion Ketchup-morph potion Unicorn-friends potion
Rolling potion Frog-legs potion Echtoplasm-melt potion Star-pulse potion Ketchup-flamethrower potion Horseshoe-arms potion
Bouncy potion Prince potion Ghost-Bee potion Glitter-fart potion Melon-morph potion Throwing-horseshoe potion
Crumbly potion Tadpole potion Grim-reaper potion Blackhole potion Mushroom-morph potion Horse-legs potion
Robux potion Thicc potion Flying-dutchman potion Blackhole-gloves potion Mole-morph potion Flying-unicorn potion
Empyreus potion Banging-feet potion Ghost-vision potion Elon-musk potion Tomato-morph potion Horse-bee potion
Link potion Grapple-tongue potion Marshmellow-giant potion Low-gravity potion Avocado-morph potion Horse-head potion
Hat-grower potion Hibernation potion Teal-pacghost potopm High-gravity potion Tomato-grenade potion Centaur-morph potion
Buxly potion Infinite potion Ghost-elephant potion Laser-gun potion Salad-morph potion Fire-logs potion
Korblox potion Lilyjump potion Ghost-foryxe potion Martian potion New-years potion Smore potion
Sketch potion Eyes potion Ghost-jandel potion Shooting-star potion New-years-hat potion Fish-grapple potion
Jayingee potion Bounce-high potion Ghost-lizard potion Sun-morph potion New-years-sparkler potion Flash-bang potion
Flybux potion Lilypad-jumping potion Ghost-pig potion Supernova potion Ra potion Lantern potion
Poor potion Frog-Boxing potion Ghost-snake potion Worm-hole potion Sphinx-head potion Campfire potion
Square potion Wall walker potion Ghost-spider potion Night-time potion Anubis potion Pine-tree potion
Mr rich potion Eeely potion Ghost-unicorn potion Meteor-strike potion Cactus potion Sasquatch potion
Golden potion Bullet potion Ghost-pumpkin potion Bean-drone potion Magic-carpet potion Banana-noodle-arms potion
PremiumSalad Potion Dynamite slinger potion Scared potion Coconut-tree potion Walk-like-an-egyptian potion Banana-legs potion
Invert Potion Giant-ray potion Red-pacghost potion Coconut-roll potion Mummy potion Banana-broom potion
Vomit Potion Flamethrower potion Pink-pacghost potion Coconut-arms potion Pyramid-bomb potion
Broom Potion Bee-cannon potion Orange-pacghost potion Coconut-gloves potion Pyramid-poop potion
Pumpkin Potion Shrink ray potion Candycorn-arms potion Coconut-grenade potion Sand-melt potion
Detacher Potion Beangun potion Movie-popcorn potion Dancing-pineapple potion Scarabee potion
Crows Potion Watergun potion Scarecrow potion Pineapple-trampoline potion Scarab-morph potion
Smelling Potion Poopy-gun potion Corndude potion Sponge potion Egyptian-sword potion
Truck Potion Pig Launcher potion Candycorn-bee potion Coconut-legs potion Pyramid-morph potion
Witchey Potion Poison hair potion Candycorn-legs potion Orbit-pyramid potion Davey-jones potion
Twitchy Potion Buxshoot potion Popcorn-poop potion Pyramid-head potion Parrot-friend potion
Banging Warts Potion Cow disguise potion Corn-grenade Pyramid-noodle-arms potion Captain-morph potion
Ratty Potion Alien-arms potion Popcorn-firework potion Pyramid-grenade potion Doubloon-morph potion
Punchy Potion Martian monkey potion Rainbow-popcorn-firework potion Pyramid-man potion Eye-patch potion
Hot-punch Potion Parasite potion Popcorn-explosion potion Golden-gun potion Pierre-pan potion
Gravity-punch Potion Vapor potion Popcorn-gloves potion Paintgun-blue potion Pirate-bee potion
Alienhead potion Popcorn-gun potion Paintgun-orange potion Captain-hat potion

Premium Potions

Premium Potion Name
Frozen potion Frozen-hit potion Throw nukes potion Festive-zombie potion
God potion Shocking-hit potion Fire napalm potion Gingerbread Man potion
Rotation potion Icy-arm potion IED potion Hot-coco potion
Leafy potion Frozen potion UFO potion Ornament-grenade potion
60’s potion Freeze-burn potion Laser-strike potion Snowman-pet potion
Accelerating potion Spinny legs potion Sus-gun potion Snowflake-firework potion
Air walk potion Melting potion Abduction potion Festive-hat potion
Boombox potion Sus-punch potion Superman potion Ugly-sweater potion
Bushy potion Oink mount potion Spider-dude potion Old-candycane potion
Dizzy potion Happy feet potion Green-dude potion Yeti potion
Fuse potion Penguin mount potion Invisible potion Xmas-tree potion
Hard as potion Giraffe mount potion Portal potion Rocket-sled potion
Headdle potion Ssssssssssssss potion Aquaman potion Ninjaflake potion
Human flight potion Lizzzard mount potion Werewolf potion Sansrider-motorcycle potion
Ice potion Spooky mount potion Purple-dude potion Tornado potion
Infectious potion Giant mount potion Human-torch potion Fire-nado potion
Jetpack potion Unicorn mount potion Purple Car potion Lightningstorm potion
Saddle potion New Zealand mount potion Sabre potion Blizzard potion
Shroom potion New Zealand mount potion Flash potion Rock potion
Statue potion Beed potion Frog-mount potion Tsunami potion
Slip potion Bee mount potion Fart-Villain potion Earthquake potion
Stumped potion Fire-statue potion Manbat potion Hail potion
Sus potion Cauldron potion Ivy potion Meatball-rain potion
Unlucky potion Cannon potion Sus-O-Ween Potion Planet-orbit potion
Waterwalking potion nil Ghost-Forcefield potion Hurricane potion
Rock bender potion Erupting potion Ghost-penguin potion Frog-rain potion
Teleportation potion Beany potion Anime-run potion Rain-cloud potion
Meteorite potion Pressing potion Last-skyfolder Sandstorm potion
Flying poo potion Landmine potion Lightning potion Earth-morph potion
Clone army potion Honey-walk potion Dragonblox-z potion Egyptian-elephant potion
Caveman potion Lava-walk potion Ninja potion Scorpion-king potion
Size controller potion Blastoff potion Energy-ball potion Speed-control potion
Golden tree potion Cooker potion Believe-it potion Admin-chat potion
Bux-walk potion Hot-air balloon potion Cursed-gloves Boss-white-hat potion
Throbux potion Bouncy potion Airbender-glider potion Bun-bun potion
Goldify potion Fuser potion Lightning-blast potion 1x1x1x1 potion
Death potion Stickybomb potion Flame-sword potion Fake-ban potion
Floating potion Car-seat potion Blue-flame-sword potion Teleport potion
Vehicle potion Iced-skin potion Froggirl potion Fly potion
Monster potion Fuser potion Fire-bow potion Infinite-jump potion
Streeeetch potion Lilypad-morph potion Ground-pound potion Invisible-hack potion
Teeny Wheely potion Control-jump potion Akimbo-katanas potion Virus-morph potion
Lets Goooo potion Uni potion Titan potion Noclip potion
Take-Off potion Airstrike potion Classic-tree potion Rain-robux potion
Kachow potion Shrink-beam potion Snowman potion Troll-face potion
Burning Car potion Freeze-gun potion Candycane-arms potion Wall-vision potion
Ant potion Bee-swarm potion Candycane-legs potion Marshmallow-rain potion
Rich potion Big-gun potion Candycane-sword potion Clover-ninjastar potion
Explodespell potion Gun-fire potion Light-headed potion Ehtereum-rain potion
Freeze storm potion Elf potion