In the Call of Duty series, perks have been around for quite some time, but the manner in which they are offered in Modern Warfare 2 is rather different from how they have been presented in previous games. This year, we should all be using Perk Packages, which provide a total of four perks and three different levels of power to choose from.

Two of the four perks included in the Perk Package are considered to be at the base level, while one is categorized as a bonus, and the remaining perk is called an Ultimate. Each round will begin with the players selecting their foundation picks. The bonus is won early in the match, while the ultimate is awarded around the middle of the game. In order to maximize the potential of these four spaces, we are going to discuss which MW2 customization options are the most advantageous.

The best perks to use in Modern Warfare 2

To get started, we want to choose some reliable foundational alternatives for our product. These are guaranteed to take place, and their impact on each match’s outcome cannot be understated. Double Time and Bomb Squad are, without a doubt, your finest bets, as no other options come close. Because of double time, we are able to tac sprint for a longer period of time and crouch more quickly, both of which are essential in any scenario. The Bomb Squad will take precautions to ensure that it will take more than one grenade to kill you. Although the Battle Hardened perk may look appealing, it does not offer sufficient utility.

We want to use Fast Hands so that we can get the benefit that comes with the Perk Package. This perk functions similarly to another form of the Sleight of Hand perk, with the addition that equipment and Field Upgrades can be thrown more quickly. Resupply is an additional bonus option that allows you to have two lethals at once while still allowing them to recharge. Certainly a strong choice, however it won’t fly under the CDL rules or in the competition. No matter what kind of match you play, Fast Hands will always come out on top.

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The Ultimate Perks are the final component, and players have a wide variety of excellent choices to make. In this particular scenario, we wish to employ Ghost because UAV is used by the vast majority of players in the game. While it is true that attackers can see you on the map when you shoot, this does not eliminate the possibility of a flank attack, which is still present. High Alert and Quick Fix are two alternate options that both provide a significant amount of survival-related value.