Chained Echoes – The City Watch Termina Caves Walkthrough

by Sam

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Items You will get in this Fields

  • 250a
  • 25a
  • Eye Drops — x1
  • Snack ———- x1
  • Snack ——- x1
  • Snack ———- x1
  • 78a
  • Medallion
  • Snack ——- x1
  • Antidote ——- x1
  • Angel Wing — x2
  • Termina Cave Key
  • 219a
  • Swift Sandles
  • Snack ——- x1
  • Sweets ——— x2


  • Pigear
  • Boxfly
  • Robber
  • Goblin Shaman
  • Goblin Soldier
  • BOSS: Sandworm

Investigate the Termina Caves

Welcome to Termina Caves. Once inside, watch the scenes that play out where you’ll see a pair of bandits talking about Goblins and other things. Once ready, head down the slope and go north across the bridge to fight the bandits. These guys attack twice since they have two daggers each, but each hit only deals 6 damage. You can have Lenne attack and use her skills while Robb poisons them for an easier time.

After the fight, go ahead and check out the double doors here. They’re locked, so it looks like we’ll have to find the key.

For now, let’s go left first. In the next room, you can go north through the door or south. Go south down the wall to find a chest with a Snack.

Head back up and through the door. Follow this path until we find a pair of Goblins. These guys are harder than the other enemies. The Goblin Soldier likes to buff himself and the other Goblins, and also attacks for quite a bit (around 20 damage), and the Shaman loves poisoning the party. This poison can kill you really fast, so make sure to keep your HP up. If you have items to cure poison, use them. Of course, you want to take out the Shaman first. It’s your top priority and use Snacks as you need to. We’ve been getting tons for a reason.

After the fight, go through the door and open the fancy chest for Swift Sandals, our first accessory. This one increases our chances of acting first in battle.

Return to the locked double doors and go north now into the tunnel. At the fork up ahead, to the left is a dead end with a fight against two more Goblins. Ignore or fight if you wish and go right afterwards. At the next fork, go north to find a chest with Antidote.

Return and go south now to reach another fork. Ignore the bridge for now and go south down the wall. Follow this path to the very end where a chest with Angel Wing x2 awaits us.

Return up the wall and now cross the bridge to the left and go north to the next room to find another pair of Goblins for you to fight. Once they’re dead check the bed here to find Termina Cave Key. Just what we needed.

Return to the previous room and go left to find a chest with 219a.

Now go ahead and slide down the wall here to be back outside the room where the double doors are. Go ahead and open them and go through. Follow the tunnels and you’ll reach a little room where there’s a chest with Sweets x2. Open it up and continue going left to trigger a scene with this guy called Matthye. It seems he’s the one behind the guys trying to start an uproar.

After the scene, of course, the party will try and talk and reason with the Bandits, but that’s not going to happen. Here we are to fight 3 Bandits now. We are also taught about Ultra Moves, which I explained a bit above.

This fight is basically the same as we had at the start of the cave… but nope! Something unexpected happens and we’ll suddenly be in a boss fight!