Welcome to the fantastical world of Tower of Fantasy, an action-packed 3D shared world game that you can play from a third-person perspective. As the player, you will control a customizable character avatar, interact with other NPCs and entities, and collect items as you explore the vast open virtual world.

In this game, humanity has been forced to leave earth and migrate to a new planet called Aida, due to dwindling resources and a lack of energy. On this new alien world, they soon discovered a powerful energy source called Omnium, contained within a comet called Mara. Aida is lush and habitable and offers a new opportunity for mankind, but also new challenges to overcome, with the discovery of this powerful energy source also come new dangers, as players must navigate this unknown world and use the power of Omnium wisely. Your journey in the tower of fantasy will be full of exploration, adventure, and challenges.

Tower Of Fantasy Wiki/ Guide and Walkthrough