The Chez Rémy restaurant is one of the most important buildings in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It allows you to increase your level of friendship with the characters but also to buy rare ingredients such as peanut butter or crushed ice.

Ingredients are important to the game, but they can be hard to find. We’ve put together a list of where they are and how much they are worth so you know what to cook and what to sell to Goofy.

How Do you Get Chez Remy’s Pantry?

After completing Merlin’s quest to remove the Night Thorns that block Dream Castle’s entrance, players will be able to enter. Inside the castle, players will see three Realm Doors. The rightmost door can be selected to take players to “a restaurant with a great little chef,” where they will find Remy.

Chez Remy’s Restaurant Ingredients

Butter Chez Remy 190 Star Coins
Cheese Chez Remy 180 Star Coins
Egg Chez Remy 220 Star Coins
Milk Chez Remy 230 Star Coins
Peanut Chez Remy 200 Star Coins
Slush Ice Chez Remy 150 Star Coins