Where to find Eggplant in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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Where to find Eggplant ?:- Ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found in each biome, bought from Goofy’s Stall or Chez Remy restaurant, or even planted and harvested. These ingredients will be needed to create recipes such as the ratatouille recipe. Each Ingredient can also be sold for Star Coins or eaten to replenish energy.

There’s a vast amount of ingredients within Dreamlight Valley, and players will want to take advantage of the vast farming system within the game.

As players won’t need to hunt for most of these ingredients, as you’ll just simply be able to farm them yourself!

So, if you are keen to know how to get and where to find Eggplant ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley, read on through the rest of this article. So, we’ve Provided Complete Vegetables Locations currently in the game, along with the required ingredients and how much you can sell them for so you know which ones are worth making.

Where to find Eggplant in Disney Dreamlight Valley?


Where to find Eggplant in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Eggplant Vegetable Can be found in the Frosted Heights of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How Many Energy I will Get After Eating Eggplant in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

After Eating Eggplant in Disney Dreamlight Valley You will get 451 energy

What is the Price of Eggplant in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

you can Sell Eggplant in Disney Dreamlight Valley For 308 Star Coins,


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Many recipes need to have an exact number or specific types of ingredients to create certain meals. Some ingredients can only be unlocked after completing quests. For example, to unlock Peanut and Slush Ice at Chez Remy, you will need to finish Remy’s Recipe Book alongside The Unknown Flavor quests.

As mentioned, most of these ingredients can actually be grown once you have found them in the world. They are located in corners of the map, either growing in the ground or on trees and other foliage. After completing Maui’s quest you will be able to grow Coconuts on Dazzle Beach and the selection of items from Remy’s pantry will require you to unlock the character from the Ratatouille Realm.

So there you have it, that is how to get and find all the ingredients in the world in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more guides on how to find everything, check out our guide on where to find all the gems in the game and a list of all the quests and missions you can complete as you are touching up and building out your Dreamlight Valley.

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