All Tower Of Fantasy Cooking Recipes & Ingredient

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Food Ingredients
Awful Stew Any failed combo
Charcoal Grilled Sand Onion 2x Sand Onion
Crispy Grilled Fish 1x Silver Bass
Sizzling Meat 2x Game Meat
Wholegrain Bread 2x Homi Grain
Breakfast Cereal 2x Homi Grain, 1x Milk
Egg Fried Rice 2x Rice, 1x Poultry Egg
Fries 1x Potato, 1x Salad Dressing
Meat And Potato Stew 1x Potato, 1x Game Meat
Meat Bun 2x Homi Grain, 1x Game Meat
Stir-Fried Broccoli 2x Broccoli
Red Wheat Bread 2x Brown Rice
Cactus Special 2x Ball Cactus
Fried Egg 2x Poultry Egg
Fried Mushrooms 2x Mushroom
Lettuce Salad 2x Lettuce, 1x Salad Dressing
Beet Soup 2x Beetroot
Crispy Chicken Burger 1x Homi Grain, 1x Poultry Meat, 1x Lettuce
Dandelion Mushroom Soup 1x Dandelion Seed, 2x Mushroom
Fried Chicken 2x Poultry Meat, 1x Homi Grain
Golden Egg And Tomato 2x Thornmato, 2x Poultry Egg
Grilled Lizard Tail 2x Fleshy Tail
Mushroom Soup 2x Mushroom, 2x Lettuce
Seaweed And Egg Soup 2x Laver, 1x Poultry Egg
Sliced Fish With Mushroom 2x Mushroom, 1x Silver Bass
Steamed Conch 2x Conch, 1x Lettuce
Vegetable Salad 1x Fallen Fruit, 1x Thornmato, 1x Lettuce, 1x Salad Dressing
Black Moss Soup 2x Black Moss, 2x Lettuce
Surf and Turf 1x Darby’s Sturgeon, 2x Poultry Egg
Boiled Scallops 2x Scallop, 3x Lettuce
Fruit Cake 2x Strawberry, 1x Homi Grain, 1x Fallen Fruit, 1x Poultry Egg
Steamed Crab 2x Portunid, 2x Lettuce
Steamed Egg With Sea Urchin 2x Sea Urchin, 2x Poultry Egg
Balloon Fruit Salad 2x Balloon Fruit, 2x Thornmato, 1x Salad Dressing
Barnacle Seafood Pizza 1x Barnacle, 2x Brown Rice, 1x Onion
Caviar Sushi 1x Caviar, 2x Rice, 2x Laver
Chocolate Bread 2x Cocoa Beans, 2x Brown Rice
Fiddlehead Pie 2x Fiddlehead, 2x Brown Rice
Fiddlehead Soup 2x Fiddlehead, 4x Lettuce
Pine Cocoa 1x Pinecone, 1x Cocoa Beans, 2x Milk
Caterpillar Fungus Noodles 1x Caterpillar Fungus, 3x Brown Rice
Nut Tea 1x Hazelnut, 2x Pinecone, 2x Honey
Honeyed Fruit Juice 2x Fallen Fruit, 1x Honey, 1x Carbonated Water
Iced Orchid Surprise 2x Ghost Mushroom, 1x Milk, 1x Carbonated Water
Firecap Mushroom Soup 2x Firecap, 2x Lettuce
Roast Rump 2x Rear Hock
Sweet Pomegranate Juice 2x Phosphogranate, 2x Honey, 1x Carbonated Water
Snow Lotus Soup 1x Snow Lotus, 2x Honey
Tomato And Fried Egg Pasta 3x Brown Rice
Seafood Soup 3x Conch, 2x Scallop, 1x Lettuce
Spicy Burger 3x Homi Grain, 2x Rear Hock, 1x Lettuce
Jam On Toast 1x Small Blueberry Jar, 1x Strawberry, 3x Homi Grain
Firedragon Fruit Tea 2x Firedragon Fruit, 2x Honey
Snow Azalea Tea 1x Snow Azalea, 1x Milk, 2x Honey
Caviar Potato Balls 1x Caviar, 2x Potato
Eel And Mushroom Soup 1x Electric Eel, 2x Firecap
Iced Strawberry Soda 2x Strawberry, 2x Honey, 1x Carbonated Water
Sea Crab Soup 2x Hermit Crab, 4x Mushroom
Simple Power Salad 1x Broccoli, 1x Thornmato, 1x Lettuce, 1x Poultry Egg, 1x Salad Dressing
Thundercloud Blueberry Soda 1x Small Blueberry Jar, 2x Honey, 1x Carbonated Water
Cocoa Milk 2x Cocoa Beans, 2x Honey, 1x Milk
Barnacle Stew 2x Barnacle, 4x Lettuce
Spicy Eel 1x Electric Eel
Juicy BLT 1x Fatty Cut, 2x Brown Rice, 2x Poultry Egg
Braised Meat 1x Fatty Cut
Snail Baked Rice 1x Carrion Snail, 2x Rice
Grilled Steak 1x Prime Cut
Steak With Sauce 1x Prime Cut, 3x Firecap
Salmon Sashimi 1x Lake Bass
Truffle Fried Rice 1x Black Truffle, 1x Onion, 2x Rice
Purple Yam Pie 1x Purple Yam

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