A3 Still Alive: How To Change Name?

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It is possible to change the name of your character in A3 Still Alive; but, doing so will cost you. In A3: Still Alive, players need to own an item known as the character name changer to change their names. You will not be able to get this item for free, nor will you be able to earn it by playing the game. Unfortunately, this is the case. The question now is, how do you get it? You can purchase the character name changer item from the shop by expending x100 white diamonds. This item is available for purchase. When you finally get this item, you can give your character a new name. You are free to change the name of the character so long as it satisfies the requirements and no other player has already claimed it. [Also You can read our A3 still Alive Coupon Guide]

How to play A3: Still Alive on PC or Mac?

How To Get Character Name Changer Item?

To get the character name changer item in A3 Still Alive,

  • tap on the upper-right corner menu button ->
  • on the left side, tap on the “shop” button ->
  • go to A3 Shop. On the A3 Shop screen, on the right side, tap on the “common” tab that takes you to the common item shop ->
  • slide right and you will find an item called character name changer. In the global version of the game, this item costs x150 white diamonds. You can get white diamonds through the battle pass, packages, and other IAPs.

How To Change The Name In A3 Still Alive?

If you have the “character name changer” item, tap on the “level” option in the top-left corner of the game screen.

  • Tapping it will expand the character profile ->
  • next to the current character name, tap on the “pen” icon ->
  • this will open a new mini-screen with the title named change character name. Enter the new character name and tap on the “change” button.

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